Trailer for controversial Japanese thriller ‘The World of Kanako’ has violence galore


The World of Kanako, from Japanese director Tetsuya Nakashima (Confessions, Kamikaze Girls), is said to be an unrelenting, violent and highly disturbing film about a man trying to find his daughter.

Rape, revenge, shocking violence and a dangerous world are all waiting for those who view the film, with reports saying the film is a tough watch. The newly released teaser trailer offers an insight into what we can expect, but playfully delivers the violence in an almost comicbook style.

It is clear from the trailer that there will be hard scenes to digest here, so hopefully the full length trailer will offer up even more brutal scenes from the film, proving that this will not be one to miss for fans of shocking cinema.

The World of Kanako is directed by Tetsuya Nakashima.


Kanako, a beautiful girl and one of the best students at school, goes missing with all the belongings left behind in her room. Her father Akikazu is now asked by his ex-wife to look for their daughter. He starts a desperate search of Kanako using any means, in the hope of getting his “ideal” family back in place despite the fact that the very reason of the family breakup was because of his problematic personality and behaviors. Following tracks of her past and present and talking to her “friends,” he starts to get to know his daughter whom he never knew or didn’t even attempt to know. When Akikazu is led to one clue, he realizes the world Kanako was facing beyond his imagination… Can the father find his daughter, and get back his perfect happy family he has dreamed of after all these years?


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