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Oct 232015


To celebrate the release of Stung – on DVD and digital download from 26th October 2015 – we have a copy on DVD to giveaway courtesy of Entertainment One.

Fast-paced horror-comedy that sees a swarm of giant mutant wasps attacks a society garden party. A modern twist on B-movies such as Them! and Piranha, its gory fun and sense of humour will be a huge hit with horror fans. Featuring a cast of up-and-coming talent and genre fan favourite Lance Henriksen.

An upper-class garden party on a country estate turns to bloody chaos when a swarm of mutated wasps descends to feast upon its guests.

Trying to escape the deadly insects, catering staffers Paul (Matt O’Leary) and Julia (Jessica Cook) retreat inside of the mansion with a handful of survivors, including the town’s mayor (Lance Henriksen) and local eccentric Sydney (Clifton Collins Jr).

But with each victim they consume, the wasps grow bigger and it’s only a matter of time before the survivors finds themselves trapped inside a giant nest…

Stung stars, Matt O’Leary (The Lone Ranger, Die Hard 4.0, In Time), Jessica Cook (TV’s Awkward), Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator, TV’s Millenium), Clifton Collins Jr (Pacific Rim, Star Trek, Transcendence)

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For your chance to win STUNG on DVD, simply comment below telling us which creepy crawlies/insects/bugs you’d hate to be attacked by.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 8th November 2015 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 18 years or older
• One entry per household
• The promoter of this competition is Fetch Dynamic Ltd
• The prize will be delivered to the winner within 28 days of confirmation of delivery address
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 1 winner will win 1x Stung on DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.


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  154 Responses to “Win STUNG on DVD In Our Competition!”

  1. Australians!

  2. Anything I can’t stomp on!

  3. honestly, wasps. hate ’em. they dress up like bees but they have no purpose other than to cause pain.

  4. Cicadas!

  5. spiders would be the worst by a long way

  6. Probably Army ants. They leave nothing behind but bones!

  7. Slugs

  8. The killer bees in California

  9. Wasps! i have a fear of them

  10. Rats!

  11. Black widow spiders would be a bit scary

  12. Australians!

  13. Spiders eeek!!!…..

  14. Rats

  15. wasps -nasty pointless creatures

  16. Ear Wigs

  17. Spiders

  18. Midges.

  19. Horse Flies.

  20. Spiders

  21. I have an irrational fear of wasps so it would have to be those evil things!

  22. Has to be spiders 🙂

  23. Vampire Slugs

  24. Red Ants

  25. Hornets

  26. Slugs, slimy horrible things

  27. Can’t decide between wasps or spiders (yuk)

  28. Spiders by a mile 🙂

  29. Spiders – their legs freak me out!

  30. Giant ants!

  31. cockroaches yuck and they are a useless insect

  32. Deathstalker Scorpions

  33. I hate every bug in the whole world but daddy long legs are my worst

  34. Cockroaches!

  35. Wasps, wasps are bastards

  36. Cockroaches

  37. Hornets – make bees and wasps look cute

  38. Earwigs – they freak me out, I think it’s because they have “ear” in their name, like they’re going to crawl in my ears when I sleep and pinch my ear drums with their pincers. Yuck.

  39. Wasps- I mean really,what is their function in the grand scheme of things?!

  40. cockroaches, especially since I found out they could fly…ugh

  41. Spiders!

  42. Wasps. I’ve had a serious wasp phobia ever since I was young and got stung!

  43. Wasps

  44. centipedes,

    Anything with more the four legs is creepy, which puts centipedes off the creepiness scale.

  45. woodlice and craneflys… my nemesis

  46. Spiders!!

  47. spiders

  48. Cockroaches! Even nuclear war would see these little blighters surviving. They always freaked me out sinced watching Damnation Alley……..

  49. spiders

  50. Spiders of any size or shape they make me sick when they rise up and run towards me!!!!!

  51. Cockroaches

  52. Spiders…absolutely no contest – even the little’uns bug me out!

  53. A coffin full of woodlice.

  54. tarantulas

  55. spiders would be the worst

  56. Butterfly’s – something creepy about such a beautiful thing showing its nasty side!

  57. wasps

  58. Spiders

  59. Scorpions – absolutely hate them!

  60. Earwigs they always give me the creeps i grow Dahlia’s but won’t have them in the house as earwigs love them

  61. Fever Tree Ants, the biggest in the world, they bend over double to cut and squirt with acid at the same time. They get 11/10 on the The Schmidt sting pain index. These insects are the reason that a treatment from the tree for malaria was not invented until ant powder was invented. They killed millions of people in this way.

  62. Spiders. Horrible wee beasties!

  63. wasps – i’ve always hated them

  64. Has to be wasps – quite happy to attack you just for fun

  65. Wasps, they will attack and sting you just because they can, they don’t need a reason, they don’t need a cause, they just need to feel like it and off they go.

  66. spiders. hate them

  67. Spiders

  68. Slugs

  69. Cockchafers – they do exist I haven’t made it up

  70. Cockroaches

  71. Giant grasshoppers, can you imagine them?

  72. spiders yuck

  73. Wasps! !!had a phobia since I had 2 down my t shirt when a kid on the football terraces followed by a chaotic 20 minutes in the St John’s Ambulance! !

  74. snakes !!!

  75. Oh definitely wasps, they buzz around so fast and have a nasty sting!

  76. spiders, wasps, ladybirds, butterfly, bugs, Cockroaches I think everything!!!

  77. Grey slugs!

  78. Slugs, can’t even think about it!

  79. Ants – makes my skin prickly just at the thought

  80. Spiders! I’m petrified of them!

  81. Wetas from New Zealand. They are as ugly as sin; they are spiky with long feelers; they jump; they bite; they hold on and they are confrontational.

  82. Worms……..even makes me shudder writing the word!

  83. Cockroaches just the thought of them makes my blood run cold

  84. Parasitic wasps, just thinking of how they lay there eggs is disturbing

  85. Moths! Evil creatures!!

  86. I’d hate to be attacked by Fire Ants!

  87. Earwigs……..ew

  88. Snakes – no way hosay!

  89. Moths. Oh so definitely moths!

  90. Spiders

  91. Earwigs!

  92. spiders

  93. Anything that slithers along the ground – yuk

  94. Horse flies got a nasty bite

  95. spiders, i hate them

  96. Wasps, very painful.

  97. wasps

  98. There are many USELESS creatures the world over, but the most irritating and pathetic of them all has to be…. The Student, especially those that are studying Philosophy or any other inane subject, Or Mosquitoes.

  99. Soldier ants

  100. Daddy Long-legs (Crane Flies). I am absolutely terrified of them; I’ve been known to flee meetings with CEOs because there was one in the room, before now. Total panic attack time.

  101. spiders

  102. Beetles – nasty little things

  103. Praying Mantis I really don’t like them.

  104. earwigs i hate them!!

  105. Ants

  106. Slugs ugh!

  107. Anything slimy – slugs ugh

  108. Would hate any kind but especially spiders.

  109. Slugs, i hate slugs

  110. Spiders and snakes – the worst

  111. Mutant flies. I hate flies in general so being attacked by hordes of them makes my flesh crawl.

  112. Snakes

  113. Earwigs hate them!

  114. Earwigs

  115. Daddy long legs!! What is their point in life????

  116. Woodlouse!

  117. Wasps, i hate them so much!

  118. Children or Spiders with thumbs!

  119. moths

  120. Spiders, I hate them.

  121. Mosquitoes have been the scourge of many holidays when I’ve woken up to find I’ve been used as a pin cushion for the horrible little things!

  122. It has got to be wasps and bees! I have got a major phobia of the two! I got stung when I was younger and still remember the pain. If I see a wasp or bee in the room or on a bus, basically anywhere I am, I have to run out until it’s gone! I also have a phobia of needles, so it’s a pattern of anything that pierces your skin I hate!

  123. Rats!! Ugh 🙁

  124. Ladybirds

  125. Frogs

  126. Lady Birds

  127. Wasps – easy choice

  128. Giant cockroaches!

  129. Moths they freak me out!

  130. Ants, Wasps or snakes all pretty scary

  131. Spiders

  132. Spiders, Ants, daddy long legs, dragon flies, bees, wasps, basically anything smaller than me that has loads of eyes, flys, has too many legs hairy or not i don’t discriminate.

  133. cockroaches

  134. Spiders – eugh!

  135. Spiders … I’ve had an irrational fear of them since my (somewhat evil) cousin let me watch Arachnophobia when I was 5 years old!

  136. Huntsman Spiders

  137. Wasps! 🙁 x

  138. cockroaches because they creep me out

  139. Big spiders

  140. probably something with a lot of legs like centipedes

  141. An attack by killer slugs would be horrible!

  142. wasps – I hate them – I visited a friend of mine in Tennessee when I was 17 and I was stood on her decking under a nest that I didnt know was there and the vicious gits swarmed me and stung me about 20 times before she told me to jump in the pool and got out her bug spray. Ended up needing hospital treatment and spent rest of my visit in agony! Horrible things! If they suddenly became extinct I wouldn’t be sad!

  143. wasps or hornets

  144. Black widow spiders would be a bit deadly

  145. scorpions

  146. Spiders!

  147. Ladybirds

  148. Scorpions

  149. Spiders

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