British horror anthology ‘The House of Screaming Death’ conjures up a trailer


Earlier this year a crowdfunding campaign was set up for British horror anthology, The House of Screaming Death, and production on the project (which pays homage to classic British 60’s and 70’s horror) kicked off in August.

The first proper trailer has now been unleashed, and its highly effective wit its superb use of music and old school scares. The film looks authentic, and the passion of all those involved shines through in this well crafted trailer. Fingers crossed the finished product lives up to its promise.

Award winning British producers Kaush Patel and Dave Hastings have re-teamed to unleash a chilling and ambitious new anthology feature film entitled ‘The House of Screaming Death’.

Echoing the distinctive and much celebrated great British Gothic Horror films of the 1960-70s, The House of Screaming Death will uphold their successful traditions with the telling of four macabre tales of terror all told by the mysterious Architect. Each horrific segment delves into explicit corners of the supernatural, summoning such damned creations as the ghostly Lady in Grey, stories of Witchcraft most foul, Vampirism and the Occult.

Producer Dave Hastings of Lightbeam Productions has described the script as “truly splendid & horrific! It has gothic horror soaked right into its pages, with each story having a nasty sting in their tail. The whole project never loses its connection to past inspirations and traditions. This is the old school British Horror I grew up on throughout my youth, but in an exciting and glorious way that both new and existing fans/audiences will enjoy no end! We’re all fans of the classics that came before us, so we want to bring that horror back to the UK properly and give you many sleepless nights in the process!”

Each segment has a specific writer/director.

The Lady in Grey has been written by Troy Dennison who will direct. The Witch in the Mirror was written by Mark Lees and will be directed by Rebecca Harris-Smith. The Vampyre was written by Dave Hastings who will also direct, while the final segment, The Diabolique is the creation of celebrated FX artist Alex Bourne, also directing his story. The mysterious Architect segments will be directed by Kaush along with those scenes scripted by Dave.

The House of Screaming Death is looking to be released next year.




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