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One of the best horror films of the 80’s was the Evil Dead inspired HOUSE in which William Katt’s Roger Cobb battled evil monsters and a flapping plastic fish (if you haven’t seen it….get on the case now).  The success of the original film spawned a mini franchise with the first sequel becoming infamous for being so bad its actually good and was mentioned in Scream 2 as a sequel that surpasses its original (it doesn’t).

Well original creator Sean S.Cunningham has announced that he is planning a remake (yes another one) but with the lead role changed to a female……lets let Sean himself explain….

” I’m doing [a remake] right now. We are deeply in development. We worked on [a new] House about four or five years ago and determined that the structure of [the original] is extremely strong, and that just remaking it in modern times wasn’t going to improve it, and wasn’t going to change it. It would have to be rethought, and there had to be a really good reason to do it.

“Recently, we came up with—and it sounds so obvious—what if we made a gender switch, so that it’s not a man in the house?” Cunningham continued. “Although they’re not involved, imagine House starring Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy. It wouldn’t be either one of them…well, it could; I mean, that’s a dream. But suddenly we realized, oh wait, then everything would have to adjust. And also, if we did it that way, it would bring back the fun that House had. So that’s the direction I’m committed to going in. I would love to make that movie, and I hope to be able to keep all the elements of the personal story from the Bill Katt version and still have it be fun.”

Put this on HorrorCultFilm’s list of intrigued…..

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