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Its only so much you can do with a premise and now that the massive cult Pretty Little Liars have outed their “A” twice now, its hard to muster some excitement for the returning new season as it seems yet again a new criminal psycho maybe targeting the girls.

But with speculation that the next season is the end of the much loved show, there is talk now of the show heading for the big screen, with show creator  I. Marlene King announcing that there are “discussions” for a film version.

“We’ve got some really big ideas for a great PLL movie,” King revealed, “but that won’t happen right after the series ends.”

“I think we’ll take a little break and let everybody go off and do a few things and hopefully we’ll come back together again and do something really fun and special”.

No one knows what actually is the plot for the season, with the timeline jumping 5 years but there is one puzzling question that all fans want answered….

“Are the Mums still locked in that basement?”………

Ross Hughes


Ross Hughes
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