Though I loved Finding Nemo, I just sighed when I heard that Pixar were going to make a sequel, imaginatively titled Finding Dory. Pixar themselves weren’t too great around then, seemingly more bothered about making follow-ups to their films then actually giving the world more of the wonderfullly original and touching stories they are known for, while Brave wasn’t too good. However, Inside Out was a fantastic return to form, and we’ve got The Good Dinosaur coming up, which looks decent, so maybe we can forgive them Finding Dory [I wish they’d leave Toy Story alone now though]. The story seems rather familiar, about Dory realising she has parents and, aided by Nemo and Marlin, going on an adventure to find them, though with the twist that Dory constantly forgets what has happened or what she’s supposed to be doing. The director is Andrew Stanton, returning to the world of animation after his huge flop John Carter [which wasn’t at all bad really]. The trailer, which made its debut on The Ellen Show, does little more than establish the basic story, but Dory’s forgetfulness is very funny [though could make the movie very repetitive].

Finding Dory opens on June 17, 2016, and DeGeneres is joined by Kaitlin Olson, Ed O’Neil, Albert Brooks, Ty Burrell, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Dominic West, and Idris Elba in providing the voices for the film, which is some cast!


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