Second bizarre teaser for ‘The Musk’ takes you down the yellow brick road


A second teaser trailer has arrived for a bizarre looking horror called The Musk, so check it out below.

It begins pretty weird as we follow a girl in a Wizard of Oz style scene, but as an evil witch laughs and casts a spell on a scarecrow, things get really strange. The finale of the teaser at first appears stupid, but as it goes on, it actually becomes quite disturbing.

The Musk stars Fabrizio Occhipinti (as the mutant Tony Maio), Frances Williams, Antony Ferry, twins Raphael and Danny Willis, Marcello Iaia, Ruby Miller, Francesca DiCaprio and Gabrielle Bergère.

Written and directed by Nevada, who pays homage to his parents’ Italian heritage, THE MUSK is scored by Antony Coia and Lucas Giorgini, whilst Domiziano Cristopharo worked as assistant director.


Farmer Tony Maio turns into a fierce mutant after a meteorite impact on Earth. Disguised as a scarecrow in order to hide his appearance, he begins to kill people to satisfy his blood lust.


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