Yes, you heard that right. Thanks to  Canada’s 50-year old copyright limit, filmmaking duo Lee Demarbre and Ian Driscoll, who have already made films with titles such as Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter and The Dead Sleep Easy, have said they intend to make a new adapation of Ian Fleming’s short novel For Your Eyes Only . Why For Your Eyes Only? Because oo7 goes to Ottawa in the story, apparently. In an interview with CBC’s Shadrach Kabango, the pair said they were not intending to compete with the blockbuster style of Spectre, and would instead be making an “arthouse James Bond”. They suggested Ryan Reynolds as a potential 007, Jessica Pare as a possible female lead, Christopher Plummer, Donald Sutherland and Michael Ironside as their favourites for supporting roles, and Montreal rappers Dead Obies as potential theme song performers. Considering that, due to copyright regulations, the film probably won’t be released in many countries including the UK and the UK, I can’t see Demarbre and Driscoll getting any of these names, except maybe the last, but apparently the restriction won’t apply to China and most of Asia. So that’s alright then.

The 1981 film For Your Eyes Only took a few elements from the short story, plus bits from another in the same four-story collection [which is also called For Your Eyes Only], Risico, but other than that made up most of its plot, and was actually the first in the Bond series not to credit Fleming’s work. After the fantastical excesses and large amount of humour in the last few films, climaxing with the ridiculous but oh so fun Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only was a nice ‘back to basics’ adventure; more serious, gritty and believable. We await the remake with baited breath.

Meanwhile….in other Bond news, though it’s rather predictable….series honcho Barbara Broccoli has been saying that she hopes to get Daniel Craig, whom a while back  seemed to be sending signals that he was tired of the part, for the next Bond film. Surprise surprise.

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