Despite being the creator of such a popular franchise, there’s no doubt that George Lucas has recieved quite a bit of stick ever since he decided to tamper with his much loved original Star Wars trilogy, then go on to make three prequels which were hugely flawed and seemed like the work of a different filmmaker. I personally think that the stick he’s recieved is justified. He makes [ok, Irvin Kershner and Richard Marquand deserve much credit as they directed The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi respectively but Mr Lucas was still overseeing the two films] a trilogy which is adored the world over, then decides to piss on his legacy repeatedly, and not even let fans see the exact films that they saw and fell in love with except for a crappy DVD release which he reluctantly threw out “for the fans”, as he said.

However, that’s enough bitching about George from me, because he does have his defenders, and one of them is Peter Jackson. Interviewed by Deadline, he was asked about Star Wars, and said how he was never really a fan. However, concerning Lucas himself:

“As a filmmaker however, my gratitude and respect for George Lucas is without limit. In the decades following Star Wars, George has used his own resources to develop digital VFX, digital editing, digital sound and digital cinematography. He opened the door for me to make the films that I have, in a way I could have barely dreamt of doing before Star Wars. It’s only these technology advances driven by George that allow me to transfer images directly from my imagination onto the screen. The same would be true of most filmmakers working today – but I can’t help feeling that George Lucas has never been fully appreciated by the industry for his remarkable innovations. He is the Thomas Edison of the modern film industry”.

He does have a point. Lucas did do a hell of a lot in advancing the film industry and his his work forever changed the way we view movies, whether we like it or not, while it’s not as if Jackson is saying, for example, what a good storyteller Lucas is. It’s just a shame that, with his both disappointing and pointless Hobbit trilogy, he did a bit of a ‘George Lucas’ himself.


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