Though it certainly had its problems, this Godzilla fan did enjoy 2014’s American reboot of Godzilla, and is eagerly looking forward to the sequel, which may feature one or more of the other classic monsters from the Japanese franchise like Mothra or King Ghidorah. In the meantime though, Toho have decided to make another Godzilla movie of their own, their last one being the insane Godzilla: Final Wars in 2004. Godzilla Resurgence is intended to kick off a new series of Japanese Godzilla films, though whether it will be a sequel to earlier films or a whole new beginning we don’t know yet. This does raise the enticing possibility of both an American and a Japanese series existing side by side, which could be my idea of heaven.

Toho’s first poster for the film features a rather unsettling-looking Godzilla, while their first teaser trailer just shows people running and screaming. Oddly enough, it’s shot in a jerky, hectic Found Footage style, which is interesting [though of course Cloverfield has sort of ‘been there and done that’], though of course lots of non-Found Footage films are filmed in that style these days too, which I personally loathe – there’s just no justification for it, it sometimes makes me want to vomit, and is just crappy filmmaking, in my opinion – unless the film actually is Found Footage, where the technique is justified. I reckon that the trailer has been done like this to get people in the mood, and maybe to give us a clue, along with the poster, that this new movie could be a very serious, dark affair.

Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi are credited as directors, but no other credits exist as yet. The film comes out in Japan 29th July next year, which is my birthday! Here’s hoping that it gets a release in UK cinemas.

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