Jan 302016



For a franchise that could have had so much potential, its a shame it has been served with two really bad sequels, one of them being directed by Ti West who we are HCF love with all our heart.

Now to potentially ruin the film series even more, if you have not heard, they have remade the original film, using the same screenplay as before.

Original director Eli Roth has already commented on Travis Z’s attempt and put on record that he was “blown away” with the results.

The now released trailer will bring much familiarity for those who loved the 2002 film, which begs the question from this fan….”why?”

I hope to be be proved wrong when the film is released on on Digital HD February 12th and in some limited cinemas.

Judge for yourself with the trailer below!


Ross Hughes

Ross HughesSince my mother sat me down at the age of five years of age and watched a little called Halloween, I have been hooked on horror. There is no other genre that gets me excited and takes me to the edge of entertainment. I watch everything from old, new, to cheap and blockbusters, but I promise all my readers that I will always give an honest opinion, and I hope whoever reads this review section, will find a film that they too can love as much as I do! Have fun reading, and please DO HAVE NIGHTMARES!!!!!!

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