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Jan 122016


To celebrate the release of MOMENTUM, on DVD and Blu-Ray on 18th January 2016 in the UK, we’ve two copies on DVD to give away to our lucky readers courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

In this slick action-packed thriller, beautiful and feisty thief, Alex Faraday, (Olga Kurylenko), is recruited to pull one last diamond heist before she can leave the game forever. But when the deal goes wrong and Alex witnesses a brutal murder involving a senator (Morgan Freeman), she must run for her life. Pursued by the ruthless and cold Mr Washington (James Purefoy), Alex finds herself at the heart of something far bigger than she could have ever imagined. While assassins begin to close in on her in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Alex starts to uncover a tangle of lies that lead her to question everything she thought she once knew.

For your chance to win MOMENTUM on DVD, simply comment below telling us which is your favourite character played by James Purefoy in TV or film and why?

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Tuesday 26th January 2016 and two valid comments will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 2 winners will each win 1x Momentum DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.


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  117 Responses to “Win MOMENTUM on DVD In Our Competition!”

  1. Can I have ‘Rome’ where he was Anthony? I know it’s not a film and a TV series instead but he is brilliant in it

  2. I like him as Spense in Resident Evil, you know there is something dodgy about his character and then at the end, it’s like…. nooo and then…. he dies !

  3. He played Kantos Kan in John Carter – a small, fun role in a film that was not as bad as people made out, in my opinion.

  4. When he played Solomon Kane great moody character

  5. My favourite James Purefoy role is professor-turned-serial-killer Joe Carroll in the series The Following – character came across as intelligent, intense and very creepy!

  6. Its got to be Joe Carroll in the following he was fab in that 🙂

  7. Marc Antony in the amazing TV series ROME – tough but compassionate.

  8. Joe Carroll in The Following, I’d loved this role. So smart, loved him in that!

  9. He is a great actor loved him in Solomon Kane and Ironclad. He was brilliant as Marc Anthony though.

  10. has to be Joe Carroll in The Following x such a great series x

  11. Kantos Kan in John Carter I love sci fi and this is a much under rated film

  12. Spence i Resident Evil. he really deserved that axe

  13. I think he was absolutely fantastic in Solomon Kane because it he was dark and moody. This is my all time fave film.

  14. I like him as Spense in Resident Evil

  15. I liked him in the series ‘The Following’ along side Kevin Bacon.

  16. Solomon Kane great acting and in a mood character

  17. Has to be Joe Carroll in the ‘Following’ for all he’s done for the good family name 😉

  18. Solomon Kane. I know it didn’t get hugely good ratings but it was a solid film and his character was very interesting

  19. Mark Anthony in Rome series

  20. Joe Carroll in the following

  21. Joe Carroll in The Following, he was very creepy!

  22. Joe Carroll in the following he was brill

  23. Sorry, but it really has to be Joe Carroll.

  24. i agree it was Joe Carroll,

  25. Solomon Kane was a good character for him to get his teeth into.

  26. Joe Carroll in The Following

  27. Joe Carroll in The Following, a more evil version of Hannibal Lechter as he had a hold over his following.

  28. Rome, he was amazing.

  29. I liked him as Solomon Kane. He took a good part and it was a very entertaining film.

  30. I love James Purefoy, from Vanity Fair all the way to my absolute fave in The Following – he was the reason I watched it!!

  31. John Carter because is one of the biggest films i have have seen him in where he helps the main character rescue the girl.great acting and has some funny lines in it.

  32. Spence in Resident Evil underrated imo!


  34. Loved him in Solomon Kane, he is an amazing actor

  35. Joe Carroll, psychotic Brit to the max! The Following was about as moody and scary as I have ever seen from any made for TV show – I haven’t, as yet, seen any American Horror Story though. Although I will say to anyone that has yet to see The Following (series 1) then find your way to do so or forever miss out on a real televisual treat.

  36. The Mayor of Casterbridge. I’m a sucker for Thomas Hardy’s books.

  37. Joe Carroll in the The Following, brilliant stuff!

  38. A Knights Tale where he played Colville, because i like the movie

  39. Its got to be Joe Carroll in The Following

  40. I liked him in Solomon Kane. I know this film was not received well by a lot of critics but I liked it and especially Purefoy’s character. Shame it didn’t go on to be a trilogy as was originally planned.

  41. Definitely The Following, I binge watched that show!

  42. Solomon Kane – a great attempt at Robert E Howard’s lesser known creation.

  43. Mark Anthony in the Rome series. He played the role brilliantly.

  44. Marc Antony in ROME GREAT ACTING

  45. Joe Carroll in The Following

  46. Jo Carroll – he just oozes evil

  47. Joe Carroll in The Following

  48. I remember enjoying watching him in a tv thriller called Injustice.

  49. George and the Dragon. The orignal St. George killed a Guru,but a dragon is an alternative ending.

  50. It’s got to be Mark Antony in Rome for me. He does both handsome and evil really well.

  51. Has to be Spense in Resident Evil!

  52. Spense in Resident Evil – An underrated performance.

  53. Solomon Kane, i felt it was a really well acted part.

  54. Solomon Kane x

  55. Tom Bertram in Mansfield Park, always cheers me up after a bad day!

  56. Joe Carroll – hands down. Superb performance!

  57. Marc Antony, great acting 🙂

  58. Spense in Resident Evil

  59. William Travers in Injustice – Great Acting

  60. Mark Antony in Rome – just because I loved that series (and his character) so much.

  61. Joe Carroll – I love to hate him

  62. I loved him in Resident Evil, is he good or is he bad but also Rome was amazing.

  63. I use to watch Boon in the 90’s and remember him being in that, cannot remember the character’s name, but well acted along with Michael Elphick.

  64. When he played Solomon Kane great moody character. Dark, sinister, intriging and well executed.

  65. His character Colville in A Knight’s Tale

  66. Joe Carroll in The Following, such a creepy program

  67. Joe Carroll in The Following, such a creepy program

  68. Got to be the character Joe Carroll in the series The Following – psycho creepy at it’s best!

  69. Joe Carroll. Very sinister and enthralling character.

  70. Joe Carroll in the following

  71. Hmm tough one, I love him as Joe Caroll in the following but I also love him in Rome. I think over all my favourite is him in the first series of the following.

  72. It has to be Joe Carroll in the Following. His character in that was absolutely unique. He was sinister and scary whilst also being intelligent and manipulative. I think this is one of my favourite characters in TV or film ever.

  73. I liked him as Blackbeard. You’ve got to love a good pirate film. Arrrrrgh

  74. Joe Carroll in The Following, one sexy ass bad guy!!

  75. Solomon Kane

  76. Solomon Kane – my all time favourite film.

  77. Joe Carroll in The Following for me too!

  78. Ironclad, he played Thomas Marshal he played a great casting as a knight.

  79. Colville in a Knights Tale i was great seeing him get dumped off his horse

  80. Joe Carroll in the following he was brill i this

  81. I loved him as Colville in A Knight’s Tale which is one of my favourite films and you got the sense in the film that his character would rather have just been one of the lads with Heath Ledger’s band of friends

  82. My favourite role he’s played is Spense from Resident Evil, I’ve loved the whole series of films to date and think Milla Jovovich is incredible in them!

  83. Spense in Resident Evil, moody geezer

  84. Joe Carroll in The Following

  85. When he played Solomon Kane great moody character

  86. A knights Tale, made my little heart go all of a flutter, thought he was incredible

  87. Joe Carroll

  88. Resident Evil because i love the films and thought he played Spence very well

  89. Joe Carroll in the following, he plays evil so well

  90. Spense in Resident Evil

  91. Has to be Spense in Resident Evil

  92. Loved James Purefoy as Joe Carroll in The Following.

  93. Joe Carroll I reckon from The Following.

  94. Definitely Joe Carroll in the following

  95. Joe Carroll in The Following, great series with Kevin Bacon, a few As if moments, bit like the 24 series but plenty of believable twists to keep you hooked 🙂

  96. Joe Carroll is my fave.

  97. I like him as Spense in Resident Evil

  98. when he was spense in resident evil great character

  99. I liked him as Joe Carroll in The Following- he was cool in that role

  100. Joe Carroll in the following. He was a great serial killer!

  101. Joe Carroll – was over the top but great to watch

  102. Joe Carroll in the Following – really creepy serial killer – just how it should be

  103. Joe Carroll, fab!

  104. It has to be to the role of Joe Carroll in the following, he portrayed the character brilliantly

  105. Joe Carroll such an awesome actor huge fan of the Following so annoyed when they decided to pull the plug on it they could have gone the way of using him like Hannibal Lecter.

  106. I loved him in the Following because he was such a manipulative guy and played the perfect part for a cult leader

  107. My favourite has to be Marc Antony in Rome. I loved the mini-series, it was really edge of your seat stuff and I thought he played the general Marc Antony brilliantly

  108. When he played Solomon Kane

  109. Joe Carroll in the following because he really played his part brilliantly. So manipulative and creepy. Brilliant xx

  110. Spence in resident evil. I love that film and he played his part brilliantly

  111. Spense in Resident Evil

  112. Definitely Joe Carroll in the following, so carasmatic I could almost forgive him!

  113. Jo Carrol in the following, great idea to have a following of serial killers.

  114. Joe Carroll in The Following

  115. Joe Carroll in the following

  116. Resident Evil – compelling. I would have to say that Rome is a close second.

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