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Jan 152016


Buckle up for an outbreak of terror at 30,000 feet as The Carrier comes to DVD 25th January 2016!

To celebrate, we have a copy to giveaway.

With civilisation on the brink of extinction, there’s only one way to ensure survival and that’s kill or be killed. Take to the skies in a stolen 747 where cabin fever becomes reality, fuel runs low and tempers flare. Everyone is a potential threat, isolation is key but there’s no escape at 30,000 feet…

The Carrier is an expert blend of suspense, horror and drama playing out in a welcome addition to the outbreak genre.

Order today and read the interview with director Anthony Woodley!

For your chance to win The Carrier on DVD, simply comment below telling us which is your favourite film set on an aeroplane and why?

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 31st January 2016 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• The promoter of this competition is Fetch Dynamic Ltd
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 1 winner will win 1x The Carrier on DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.


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  134 Responses to “Win THE CARRIER on DVD In Our Competition”

  1. Snakes on a plane is the obvious one as so many people are scare of both snakes and confinement.

  2. Surely it has to be Airplane? One of the funniest films ever!! And don’t call me Shirley!!

  3. I like Red Eye

  4. It has to be red eye with the slow claustrophobic build up, creating tension with the main characters. It loses the tension during the last 20 minutes where it becomes a cat and mouse chase, but the first part is so good you can let it fly

  5. Got to be Flightplan for sure, good film and Sean Beans terrible Southern accent is worth the laugh (I can say that as I come from Sheffield as well)

  6. Airplane – and if you have to ask why it’s the best then you’ve clearly never seen it. I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.

  7. Airplane is my favourite!

  8. Die Hard 2 – It’s set at the airport and a little bit on a plane… Great action!

  9. Flight – amazing acting

  10. Non stop because Liam Neeson is suspicious of everybody in that film but with good cause, it makes for some tense drama and great viewing.

  11. Most definitely Airplane!

  12. airplane! great gags, a top cast and endlessly quotable!


  14. conair because it is so brilliantly thought out

  15. airplane great film

  16. Con Air. Mostly because of the hillarious dialogue and the awesome Mr Buschemi

  17. Air Force One.
    Harrison Ford.
    I enjoy watching this film, it’s got a bit of everything; tension, good acting, and who doesn’t like seeing Mr Ford in action? 😉

  18. I like airplane

  19. I love Altitude as it has a great twist at the end and keeps you guessing all through it

  20. Snakes on a Plane as i love Smauel L Jackson he is my fave actor

  21. Flightplan with Jodie Foster a great mysery film that turns into an action film.

  22. Con Air

  23. Airplane:) Absolutely brilliant.

  24. Airplane, very dramatic movie

  25. Con Air because it is so exciting.

  26. Snakes on a plane

  27. Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines. A funny film with a great cast. I love Terry-Thomas.

  28. the original “Airplane” – the gags were non-stop funny and it was amusing to watch right to the end


  30. Con Air- Cheesy 90s classic

  31. Love Con Air – it’s a classic!

  32. Airplane!



    First time?

    No, I’ve been nervous lots of times.

  33. Got to be Snakes on a plane

  34. Airplane – it’s a classic!

  35. Airplane – still as funny today!

  36. Airplane, it extracted the urine from every disaster movie, even ones that hadn’t been filmed!!

  37. Airplane!

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue….

  38. ‘Air Force One’ for me…great action, tension and a fab performance by Gary Oldman that left me kinda rooting for him most of the time 😉

  39. Flying High or Airplane as it is called here in the UK. I watched it in New Zealand many years ago. Must admit, after watching this movie I didn’t fly anywhere for quite some time and am still a bit hesitant to eat the food on a plane. Not that I think I could actually fly a plane – but you never know…lol

  40. Snakes on a Plane because it’s so stupid and it has Samuel L Jackson ;0)

  41. Airplane. Total classic and so many great quotes.

  42. Executive Decision – because they kill the Stephen Seagal character in the first 15 minutes 🙂

  43. Airforce One – because it has Harrison Ford in it. Awesome!

  44. Snakes on a Plane xx

  45. Snakes on a Plane, for the fun of it all!

  46. I love Con Air

  47. Airplane was really funny

  48. Nicolas Cage playing a pilot in ‘Left Behind’ is a must watch – it’s so bad it’s strangely compelling!!

  49. “Shirley” it has to be Airplane! – hilarious

  50. Loved flightplan. jodie foster was brilliant and i loved the story of the missing child

  51. has to been airplane

  52. Going back to the 70’s with this one, Airport 77. Cheesy as hell, but how can you not like a movie where they crash a 747 into the sea, race against time to rescue the passenger from a watery grave and Jack Lemmon becomes an action hero?

  53. Airplane, because it’s hysterica;;y funny

  54. Red Eye has to be my favourite movie set on an airplane!

  55. Airplane – Hilarious from start to finish, loved the smile on George’s face.

  56. Airport: The original and best of the Airport disaster films. And, it seems I’m so old to remember it!!

  57. Soul Plane. Hilarious film.

  58. Airplane

  59. Flightplan. Nice little mystery/thriller.

  60. Airplane – Shirley I cannot be serious.

  61. Oddly enough, FINAL DESTINATION 5. Yes, 5! Cool story, great characters, solid dialogue, and the plane sequence is mind-numbingly horrific.

  62. Non stop – as it is something that could really happen so it is a good insight in how to handle situations and all if did happen

  63. Surely it has to be the mighty Con Air, for the immense ego clashes alone!

  64. Top Gun made planes and flying sexy and mainstream, but there is nothing better than a thriller with no where to hide. The tension of Red Eye wins my vote!

  65. Not a film but The Foo Fighters video for Learning to Fly

  66. I think the only one I’ve seen is Snakes on a Plane!

  67. Predictabel but I’d have to go for Airplane. Still funny!

  68. Red Eye, great story

  69. I would say Con Air, great film

  70. Snakes on a Plane. Very funny.

  71. Snakes on a plane a good film!

  72. Snakes on a plane, one reason: Samuel L. Jackson

  73. Catch Me If You Can. Leonardo di Caprio plays a great con artist.

  74. Airplane! One of the funniest films I’ve ever seen and still makes me laugh all these years later! And don’t call me Shirley 😀

  75. Passenger 57, love me some Wesley Snipes

  76. Airforce One because it’s awesome for its time

  77. Airplane has to be the best. Still makes me laugh out loud

  78. Non Stop. Lots of twists and turns plus I love Liam Neeson.

  79. Snakes on a Plane – just hilarious

  80. Has to be Red Eye, it keeps u on the edge of your seat right to the very end!

  81. Non stop, love Liam Neeson films

  82. I like Flight. Not set completely on a plane, but the plane scene was amazing

  83. Airforce 1, a great action movie

  84. snakes on a plane, samuel l jackson at his hammiest!

  85. Snakes on a plane because it’s so ssssssscary!

  86. Con Air – Great cast and a fantastic action film.

  87. For a laugh watch Airplane for an action one watch Con Air

  88. Airplane! An absolute classic, we used to quote it at school more often than Shakespeare.

  89. snakes on a plane

  90. Air Force 1 great film

  91. Snakes in a plane, so ridiculous and funny!

  92. Con Air – Best Film Ever!

  93. Con Air – Nicolas Cage is a great action hero ( and I love his southern drawl in this film).

  94. Snakes on a plane 🙂

  95. Con Air was really entertaining and is probably my favourite.

  96. Red Eye. because it’s a great film!

  97. Airport 77 as you see someone’s eye hanging out!!!

  98. Airplane 🙂

  99. Snakes on a Plane. What’s not to like?

  100. Executive decision. Steven seagal and kurt russell in a really fun action movie

  101. Has to be Airplane – I have seen it loads of times, and it still makes me laugh!

  102. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Stanley Kubrick, Peter Sellers & 99% on Rotten Tomatoes – truly is a classic.

  103. Die Hard 2 because I think this is the best out of all the sequels.

  104. Airplane, makes me laugh every time I watch it

  105. It has to be Airplane one of the best and funniest films around.

  106. Its Snakes on a plane for me an edgy film that made me jump but also had a few laughs in as well

  107. The Flight of the Phoenix because it had amazing acting as well as being a great story focused on the necessity of everyone working together in order to survive.

  108. Passenger 57 is pretty good but my favorite has to be Airplane, classic and always funny

  109. Airplane – because it’s really rather funny

  110. Con Air because it scares the life out of me

  111. Con air a great film

  112. Flightplan. I thought it was a unique idea, especially for with it being set on a plane, and it kept me hooked throughout.

  113. Con Air – Nic Cage at his best!

  114. Loved sakes on a plane – one crazy plot!

  115. Con Air, its such a classic, cheesy but entertaining…. the definition of irony anyone? 😛 (clue Sweet Home Alabama)

  116. Airplane it was hysterical

  117. Conair 🙂 One of the few films with Nicholas Cage in that’s actually good!

  118. I loved Red Eye.

  119. Airplane, so funny

  120. Love Airplane!

  121. Die Hard 2. Not set COMPLETELY on a plane, but one of the best action movies around

  122. snakes on a plane

  123. Jodie fosters Flightplan i love it because its such a mind bend love trying to work out all the twists and turns


  125. Airplane, it’s a comedy classic, both visually and the one liners

  126. Con Air, keeps you at the edge of your seat

  127. Final Destination, it was one of the first scary movies i watched

  128. Con Air

  129. I like Red Eye

  130. Airplane with the late great Leslie Nielson. like Naked Gun set on a plane whats not to love.

  131. Airplane – it’s a classic.

  132. Airplane! is one of the funniest films ever. That’s my choice.

  133. Final Destination for it’s plot twist goodness, the first of a cracking franchise!

  134. Snakes on a plane- I really don’t need to justify my answer, just legendary!

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