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Action Henk! – Rage Squid – Curve Digital – Coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One

Imagine Toy Story, Trials HD and silly xbox 360 freebie, Dorito’s Crash Course were thrown in a blender. You’ll end up with Action Henk! Henk, along with other toys in the bedroom compete against each other in a 2.5D foot race over building blocks, Hot Wheels sets and various other toys you’d expect to find in a 10 year old boy’s bedroom. The gameplay is fast and fun, combining the aforementioned styles, but leaning heavily towards Trials HD more than anything, especially when it comes to ‘just one more go’. Trials excelled at that addictive replayability, in particular, levels that you have to keep restarting as you’ve missed your target of completing the course by mere seconds.


The toys coming to life and racing through bedroom courses is as much about repetition and learning from your mistakes as it is about skill. You need to know when to time jumps and slides almost down to the microsecond, and if you get it wrong, you may as well start over from scratch. There’s a lot of of variety in the levels on offer, with some funky retro sounding music. The difficulty curve is very similar to the comparable Trials HD, but casual players will likely have had their fill after the first few competitions. The wacky characters each have their own little traits. Some can run faster while others jump higher or can power slide further, and although they seem a far cry from the toys I played with as a kid, you’ll likely feel a pang of nostalgia, remembering when you used to put your own toys through such rigorous acts.

Juan being put through his paces on one of the boss levels.

Action Henk!, while not as technical as Trials, looks like it’s going to give it a run for its money. The levels are fast and fun, and have that equal measure of enjoyment and frustration you associate with the physics defying motorcycle game. What was presented in this preview pretty much felt like the finished product and if that’s anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat.

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