Though he’ll never be as big as he used to be, Keanu Reeves has had a bit of a comeback of late, and he’s now the star of a new movie about motor racing. Reeves will lead the Harald Zwart [The Karate Kid) directed movie about:

“An aging, hotshot NASCAR driver who looks to put his crumbling personal and professional life back on track by getting a young Chinese woman as his co-driver, as gears up for take place in a rally race across China”.

Why in China, and with a Chinese co-star? Because Need For Speed, which I personally loved, while only doing mediocre box office in the US and the UK, was a huge hit over there, earning $66 million of its $159 million foreign box office receipts in China, and is even getting a Chinese-produced sequel. Therefore, while Rally Car probably won’t do too well elsewhere – films about this subject tend not to with even the excellent Rush having underperformed – sounds like a surefire success in that country, and I can’t wait to see it myself, as it sounds like a bit of a throwback to movies I adored as a kid [actually, I still do] like The Cannonball Run and The Gunball Rally.


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