Kebabs Aplenty in Red Band Trailer For Sweeney Todd-esque Horror K-SHOP


A shocking new trailer for K-SHOP will make drunken partygoers think twice before they feast on kebabs as a new Sweeney Todd horror movie heats up for a JULY serving.

K-SHOP transfers the Todd story to the binge-drinking milieu of Britain as a vigilant kebab shop owner, played by British newcomer ZIAD ABAZA, battles with drunk partygoers. A debut for writer and director DAN PRINGLE the film sees binge drinking culture clash with a poverty stricken vigilante kebab shop owner played by ABAZA who stars in US hit show TYRANT.

Produced by WHITE LANTERN FILM and released in the UK by BULLDOG FILM DISTRIBUTORS who have just released the BAFTA nominated movie The Survivalist. The film follows the story of a kebab shop owner’s son who turns butcher after his father is killed by lawless yobs on a night out and paint’s an accurate picture of Britain’s binge drinking culture by uniquely integrating scenes of genuine night life with the film’s visceral narrative and looks set to shock audiences later this year.

The film also stars DARREN MORFITT (Dog Soldiers, Doomsday) SCOT WILLIAMS (The Crew), REECE NOI (Game of Thrones), HARRY REID (Eastenders) and EWEN MACINTOSH (The Office, Lobster).

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