On Wednesday 16th March, free-to-play shooter Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies will receive an update stuffed full of content, that brings with it a new upgrade system, a brutal – yet, cuddly – new boss, and an array of limited edition items and special events – it’s almost too much to ‘bear’.

Zombie DNA is a brand new zombie upgrade system that allows players to mess with the genetic makeup of the undead, evolving and enhancing their passive abilities – giving them the upper-hand in the heat of the action. Players can choose from a wide array of modifications, based on both attack and defence skill sets – for example selecting ‘Origin Enhance’, gives an origin zombie a slight increase to HP.

Also launching on the 16th is the limited-edition Teddy Nightmare DLC, which introduces a fearsome new event boss to the fray, Ted Teddy Terror. Dressed in an Elite Crew outfit and equipped with a humongous hammer, Ted is a tour-de-force on the battlefield, wielding powerful abilities from other bosses such as Oberon’s black hole, and Revenant’s fire storm.

The Teddy Nightmare DLC will only be available for three weeks, and players can purchase 15 or 30 days of access from the Steam marketplace. Both packages will include timed access to a crafting box.

On 1st April, Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies will get in on the April Fools’ Day buffoonery with a special event, giving players access to a big head mode, inflating all opponents heads to a comical size. Additionally every player that logs in on April Fools’ Day, will be awarded a special spray item, allowing them to tag the walls or floors of any map for the duration of the day.

Additionally, there will be a number of crazy discounts on weapons and items happening throughout the month

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