For me, Heat remains Michael Mann’s masterpiece, the brilliant crime thriller being full of great moments, from that coffee between Robert De Niro and Al Pacino to that blazing gun battle in the streets. It seems that Mann wants to revisit its world. He has just closed a deal to launch Michael Mann Books, in which Mann will collaborate with a stable of writers in producing material, some of it non-fictional, which will be developed for books, TV and film. One of the priorities is a Heat prequel which will focus on the formative years of detective Vincent Hanna, criminal Neil McCauley, Chris Shihirles, Nate, and other characters featured in Heat. Mann wrote, produced, and directed the thriller, based on cops and criminals he’s encountered.

With Mann involved, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Heat, which Mann spent many years working on and even turned it into the TV movie LA Takedown in 1989, was partly based on real people, so he may have some unused material lying around. I’d like to find out more about Heat’s interestign characters, though the one debit is that we probably won’t see the original cast members return as they’re a bit too old to play their characters as younger people.

Rumours also seem to be going around that, following in the footsteps of Training Day and Lethal Weapon, both of which are both currently being adapted for television, we could one day be seeing a Heat TV series. No surprises there.

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