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To celebrate the DVD release of LOST AFTER DARK, on UK shelves now, we’ve 3 copies to give away to our readers, courtesy of Metrodome Distribution.

A group of teenagers sneak out of their high school dance, and head to party at a friend s cabin. Along the way their ride breaks down, stranding them near an abandoned farmhouse. After the brutal murder of one of their friends, their quest for help becomes one of survival. LOST AFTER DARK pays tribute to iconic horror classics like TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY 13th.

For your chance to win LOST AFTER DARK on DVD, simply comment below telling us which slasher movie moment is your most memorable.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Thursday 10th March 2016 and three valid comments will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 18 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 3 winners will each win 1x Lost After Dark DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.



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  106 Responses to “Win LOST AFTER DARK on DVD In Our Competition!”

  1. For me its scream. After growing up watching the classics which ended with the 80s. Scream came out of nowhere and completely change the psychology of the slasher movie. A clever script, great characters, twists, suspense and one of the few Bogey men who is actually human.

    • I loved The Fog, the original of course not the totally rubbish remake!! The music which went with it just added to the great film. The best bits for me were when the dead attacked the men on the boat at the beginning and the end at the lighthouse, the sound of the knife!!

  2. Hands of the Ripper – the bath scene

    One of the first Hammer films I ever saw and was hooked from this moment

  3. Psycho original as the first one scene

  4. Nightmare on elm Street for me the bath scene and bed scene. One two Freddie’so coming for you

  5. Johnny Depp drowning in Nightmare on Elm Street, his first ever film I believe. Such a good film, a classic for sure

  6. The Strangers when Liv Tyler is getting water from the kitchen and you can see the man in the mask in the corner of the room. Freaked me out

  7. When Jacob Goodnight ripped an eyeball out in see no evil

  8. A nightmare on elm street when a man is in bed and freddy is underneath and he puts his blades straight through him

  9. The axe scene in American Psycho (soundtracked by Huey Lewis and the News’ Hip to Be Square!) is extremely memorable!

  10. Scream would be my choice, all the murders are horrific.. great film.

  11. The shower scene from the original Psycho 🙂

  12. Hatchet, when Victor attacks and kills Jim and Shannon

  13. Psycho, the original film. – the shower scene

  14. Child’s play – when chucky kills the babysitter

  15. nightmare on elm street

  16. The shower scene in Psycho (the original, of course!)

  17. I loved the first Saw movie and all the unique ways he used a ‘saw’

  18. It has to be Halloween (of course it’s the original did you have to ask??!) when Laurie thinks she has killed Michael Myers and you seen him sit up in the background just slightly out of focus. Enough to get you screaming “Run!!!!” at the screen every time.

  19. I’d like to win this!

  20. An American Werewolf in London – It was spectacular to watch as his body, face, and limbs painfully crunched and his skin bubbled as it grew hairy fur and elongated, and his demonic jaws/snout developed savage fangs.

  21. has to be the shower scene in Psycho

  22. For me it has to be the sleeping bag scene in Friday the 13th part VII

  23. I seem to remember Jason Voorhies in Friday 13th part 7 grabbing a woman who was in a sleeping bag and smashing her against a tree while she was still in the sleeping bag. I quite enjoyed that film.

  24. Has to be the origianl psycho shower scene. The old ones are often the best

  25. It has got to be the shower scene from the original Hitchcock version of Psycho. I watched it with my granny and she tried to switch the TV off after that scene saying I was too young at 9 to watch it but I managed to persuade her to let me watch the rest of the film because I loved horror films.

  26. Friday the 13th- Jason Voorhees is one sick guy- Debbies death while laying on the hamock when blood starts dripping down from a mutilated corpse from above and then Jason slowly pokes his ruddy great knife up through the canvas hammock and straight through her body, giving her a nipple piercing like no other!

  27. Robin horn commented on Horror Cult Films – Movie Reviews of Obscure, Weird, Strange, Horror and Cult Cinema:

    I’d like to win this!


  29. The flying knives in Carrie as some wag behind shouted 180!

  30. The one I ALWAYS think of is the ‘killer in the back seat!’ scene in Urban Legend…fair to say I always look in the back of my car before getting inside, especially at night! 😉

  31. nightmare on elm street

  32. It has to be Nightmare on Elm Street – don’t think I slept for a week after watching this

  33. Nightmare on elm street one of the best slasher movies

  34. Friday the 13th part 3 3D when the “jock” is walking about on his hands and walks into Jason who has a huge blade in his hands…made my eyes water!

  35. All the ‘zombies’ getting taken out by a lawnmower in Dead Alive


  37. A Nightmare on Elm Street when freddi stabs a guy up from under a bed.

  38. While not a slasher per se, the scene in Dial M For Murder, where the scissors go slowly into Anthony Dawsons’ back. That really made me wince.

  39. Nightmare on elm Street the bath scene

  40. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    Tobe Hooper’s directorial debut shocked the whole world

  41. The shower scene in Psycho – you’ll never look at chocolate sauce the same way again!

  42. A Nightmare on Elm Street. This groundbreaking slasher classic delivers an innovative concept, an iconic bad guy and dreamy special effects that create all-time great images like Glen (Johnny Depp) getting sucked into his own bed.

  43. The moment in Saw where he decides to do it :S

  44. Shower scene in Psycho

  45. Psycho original

  46. The closet scene in Halloween

  47. Halloween – the ‘you can’t kill the boogeyman’ closet scene.

  48. Freddy and the waterbed scene! ????????

  49. The original Nightmare on Elm Street – there was simply no escaping Freddy!

  50. Friday the 13th. I was about 6 and watched the axe kill scene. It gave me nightmares!

  51. The shower scene from Psycho – classic!

  52. Has to be the start of Halloween when you see the girl slashed through the eyes of the killer, and then realise it’s a child

  53. Scream when drew Barrymore dies – so unexpected!

  54. I do like the shower scene in Psycho

  55. The Exorcist (original) when Regan has the turning head, and pukes pea green soup lol I wont mention the crucifix!!

  56. Nightmare on Elm Street very scary

  57. My favourite is Cape fear

  58. Nightmare on Elm Street 4 I think where Freddie uses the girls veins to walk her like a puppet!

  59. Definitely the shower scene in Psycho

  60. A Nightmare on Elm Street

  61. Murders in Scream!

  62. I can always remember the shower scene in Psycho (the original) or Jamie Lee Curtis hiding in the wardrobe in Halloween (The First)

  63. Scream. Clever, ahead of its time, unique for it era. Themmask lives on, and will do so forever

  64. Does Suspiria count as a slasher? If it does, the woman being stabbed, falling through the glass ceiling and being hung in the process. Balletic violence.

  65. The Midnight Meat Train, Mahogany, Mahogany the subway murderer who stalks late night commuters.

  66. Psycho, the original film. – the shower scene

  67. Not exactly scary, but the bit in Halloween where Michael Myers comes out of the door in his Halloween costume right at the beginning of the movie.

  68. friday the 13th part 7. the scene where the guy is having a look around the kitchen in the dark, and a flash of lightning briefly illuminates jason in the corner of the room, holding a big knife.

    cleverly done, almost subtle, jump scare.

    maybe the best film in the franchise in general actually.

  69. The Fog The dead shipwreck crew appearing at the end of the film

  70. Opening scene of Scream. Way to make it plain that this isn’t just another horror movie.

  71. The shower scene in Psycho.
    So cleverly done with no sound effects therefore relying on the shrieking soundtrack for impact and the fact that there is no actual shot of the slashing but rather focussing on the knife and blood splatters!
    Much better than being in your face.

  72. Hostel- when the Asian girl was being tortured, so gory!

  73. Psycho shower scene 🙂

  74. Got to be the shower scene from Psycho – The original & the best!

  75. Where Jason kills Kevin Bacon in the first Friday the 13th

  76. When Jason emerges from the Lake at the end of Friday The 13th

  77. Psycho THE SHOWER

  78. Scream

  79. friday the 13th part 2 right at the end when the banging at the door turns out to be a dog and you think they are safe, then bang jason comes barging through the window

  80. The Strangers when you see someone in the background!

  81. Psycho the shower scene.

  82. Hellraiser – The first time he opens the cube and gets pulled apart by chains.

  83. Nighmare on elm street the bed scene! first one I ever saw as I turned the tv over by accident and my brother was watching it in his room.

  84. Psycho Shower scene because of the way the music is used to punctuate the slashing ( excuse the pun! ) The effect has so often been replicated but not often has it hit the spot in quite the same way!

  85. Psycho

  86. I find any horror movie funny as I know its only a film, so I would go for either Scary Movie or Tucker & Dale vs.Evil. Both movies are really funny.

  87. The shower scene in the original Psycho.

  88. childs play, babysitter kill

  89. Carrie at the end when the hand comes out of the grave jumped about 10 feet in the air!

  90. Nightmare on elm Street for me loved that film

  91. Scream is my most memorable. I was super shocked Drew Barrymore was killed off within the first five minutes of the film. It made horror movies feel fresh and exciting again

  92. The Strangers scares me the most, something about a remote farmhouse and a guy with a bag on his head, terrifying movie, love it!

  93. nightmare on elm street – when freddie is coming scraping his slasher glove along everything as he chases his victim x

  94. Nightmare on elm street

  95. Tucker and Dale vs Evil and the wood chipper scene.

  96. The final scene from Black Christmas!

  97. The shower scene from Psycho – classic!

  98. When Michael Myers puts an ice skate in the head of the kid in Halloween.

  99. The ending scenes of scream

  100. Almost every single scene from the saw movies…

  101. The shower scene in Psycho

  102. Halloween the original and the first of its kind ????

  103. nightmare on elm street

  104. Psycho still creeps me out the most!

  105. Scream

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