see no evil 1971

Now the 1971 suspenser See No Evil, also known as Blind Terror, is one film I haven’t seen [though I’ve seen the two so-so, unrelated See No Evil efforts from 2006 and 2014 starring wrestler Kane], but it has a decent reputation. The Mia Farrow-starrer, which sounds rather like the 1967 Wait Until Dark starring Audrey Hepburn, was directed by Richard Fleischer and is about a blind woman who goes to her uncle’s home, only to discover that her family has been murdered. She must then escape the maniac responsible for the killings. It’s a great premise for a seriously tense and even scary movie, and it’s now getting remade. It’s being developed by Screen Gems and Unbroken Pictures, being produced by Bryan Bertino [who is currently also busy writing the screenplay for The Strangers 2] and Adrienne Biddle, with a script by Mike Scannell. No news on a director yet.

Now this is making me want to seek out the original, but I’m wondering if I’ll enjoy the remake more if I don’t bother. Decisions decisions….

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