DOWN TO ONE (PC Game Review)


Developed and Published by Gadget Games
Available for PC

Down To One is an online multiplayer survival shooter game where 42 players must battle it out where only one can walk away the winner. Thrown into a barren wasteland with a few stone buildings to explore and loot, you must collect and use whatever is at your disposal to stay alive and defend yourself.

My experience of Down To One is a very lonely one. After joining a server with 4 other plays (42, I wish!!), I made my way through the dusty landscape in an attempt to find food and, most importantly, a weapon to protect myself. After wandering around for a while, I managed to find a couple of food packets and an axe. I was prepared should I be attacked and ready to stalk anyone who should appear on my radar. So I waited… and waited…and waited. Walking around the level, I desperately longed to spot another player, even if they were carrying more heavy arms than my melee weapon but nothing. Hell, I’d have been quite happy to have been shot down as I’d have at least have interacted with someone instead of traversing the desolate environment on my billy todd. But nothing. I did not witness a single person during my time playing the game but it didn’t stop me from dying. I eventually succumbed to dehydration after failing to find water and on that note, I decided to quit the game.

Whilst graphically quite good with a semi-decent setting, the biggest pitfall is the game’s lack of players. I’m not sure why no-one is playing the game but maybe the lack of readily available weapons or items may be a contributing factor. It took me ages to find an axe and even then it wouldn’t have put up much of a fight against a gun. With no-one to interact with, be it to kill or be killed by, makes the game a pointless exercise as the entire game is based on the multiplayer aspect.

Down To One has been priced to try and lure in new players but it doesn’t appear to have worked so far. If given the chance, I think this game could be half-decent with fairer distribution of weapons and the fix of graphic glitches here and there but due to the lack of players, it’s unfortunately not a game one can enjoy at this present time.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

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