Latest Movies: Shane Black confirms his new Predator tale will be set in present times!


One of the most eagerly awaited films for us at the HCF Office is Shane Black’s return to the Predator world and now the acclaimed writer and director has been talking about his plans for the film.

“I’m working on the script, and barring an act of God, a safe from the sky, there’s nothing that suggests it won’t be the next thing, and I’m getting more and more excited day by day. I mean, there’s great Predator movies, but to actually play with the idea of making it an event, not necessarily in scale, it doesn’t have to be huge, but it just has to feel like a Predator movie you want to see in the summer and line up for it. And that’s what we’re going for. Let’s get back to the excitement and innovation of that original movie where it felt fresh. I just want to find a way to make it feel fresh and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Black who starred in the original himself confirmed that the film will be set in present times but refused to comment on rumours that original star Arnold Schwarzenegger has been approached to reprise his role!

He did state that he hopes that his film will  “Honor the tradition of what is really a remarkable first movie and even parts of the rest of them as well.

Black’s Predator is due for release on March 2nd 2018.

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