Latest Movies: Puppet Master to be re-booted… Transformers Producer….WTF?


There are two franchises that you never would have thought would have found common ground, but it seems the robots in disguise and a bunch of killing puppets are set to share the same producer.

Di Bonaventura Pictures are partnering with Caliber Media to bring us a whole new Puppet Master film and this is so official that S. Craig Zahler, who wrote the critically acclaimed horror/western Bone Tomahawk has signed up to write the script!

There is even a title for us, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. which long time fans of the horror series will know the title sounds like it ties in with what we saw in Puppet Master III and numerous sequels after.

The jist of the plot so far:

 We know its going to be set in present day, and the film will follow a recently divorced man who discovers a mint-condition Blade puppet in his deceased brother’s closet, and attempts to sell it at an Oregon toy convention that just happens to be conveniently celebrating the 30th anniversary of the “Toulon Murders”- which we are guessing are the events of the original film.
Off course like all horror anniversaries, we can expect the likes of Blade and co to celebrate with them…in a mayhem of blood.
The release date is not yet known.
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