Latest TV: Arrow goes back to basics for Season 5 as the “new big bad” is revealed!


Everyone working on ARROW seem to be on a mission to make the upcoming season 5 the show that we used to love.  Being the central base where the spin offs like The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow started, the show has suffered by introducing these worlds as where Season 1 and 2 was dark and grim, the light approach to introduce Barry Allen and co has caused Arrow to lose its own identity.  Fans have been switching off and the introduction of Magic in Season 4, failed to work, resulting in the weakest season to date.

Fair play, the writers and stars know this and are bringing Arrow back to basics in which season 5 will be set in tone of how it all started.  Yay!  and to prove this, its been announced who the bad guy is going to be.

In comic lore, Adrian Chase AKA Vigilante, starts off as a good man, working as a District Attorney, who one day puts away a Mob boss, in which results in his own family being killed.  Its here that he dons a suit and calls himself Vigilante and while his intentions are good, he becomes darker and deadlier and more than a match for the likes of Batman and co….

The role is to be played by Chicago P.D.‘s Josh Segarra and it be interesting to see how Arrow will develop his story.

All we can be sure is that this a clear sign that we are going back to basics in Star City and that can only be a good thing for fans everywhere.


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