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Jun 172016


The cult classic franchise from Robert Rodriguez returns…

To celebrate the release of From Dusk Till Dawn: Season Two – available on DVD and for download from 27th June – we are giving away a copy on DVD!

Season Two explores the next chapter in the lives of the Gecko Brothers, the Fullers and the mysterious culebra underworld. With a returning cast of great acting talent as well as welcoming Rodriquez fan-favourite Danny Trejo as new villain The Regulator, Season Two features more blood, more death and even more destruction!

With Season Three already underway, this DVD is an essential, explosive part of the franchises’ growth and a must-own for any horror or action fan.

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For your chance to win From Dusk Till Dawn: Season Two on DVD, simply comment below telling us which other Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino film you’d think would make a great TV series and why.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 3rd July 2016 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 18 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 1 winner will win 1x From Dusk Till Dawn: Season Two on DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.


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  84 Responses to “Win FROM DUSK TILL DAWN Season Two on DVD In Our Competition!”

  1. I think kill bill would make a great series. You have a host of great characters. Action, flashbacks, a shadowy mastermind. It has everything you need to make a great series as the main character seeks her revenge.

  2. I think desperado would make a brilliant TV series, especially if el mariachi was an assassin for hire.

  3. Sin City, now wouldn’t that be an epic TV series; would fit pefectly too due to the intertwining nature of the stories

  4. Have to say it I think desperado would make a great to series,plenty of excellent storylines

  5. Reservoir Dogs, It could feature the back story of each of the protagonists before they were selected for the operation.

  6. Reservoir Dogs as you could have each episode focusing on a different character

  7. Kill Bill would be awesome. Would love it with the same people in the movies, but with more time spent on each kill, showing how the Bride is tracking them.

  8. Kill Bill…I mean it already’s made up of two volumes and various segmented portions. With the variety of assasins and different killers on screen the possibilities are seemingly endless? 😉

  9. Pulp Fiction – plenty of potential there. Likeable and complex characters, some potentially funny and violent storylines and, of course, some fab retro music to soundtrack the series.

  10. It might be a stretch but I reckon pulp fiction could work as a TV show.

  11. Pulp fiction would make a good seies because of the escapeds travolta and jackson could get up to

  12. Reservoir Dogs

  13. RESERVOIR DOGS. Plenty of characters to base individual episodes and stories around

  14. Pulp Fiction. Lots of stories going on in there.

  15. Four Rooms would work fantastically as a TV series – you could have great flexibility at introducing new characters and each episode would be self contained so no need to worry about a story arc!

  16. El Mariachi has already spawned two sequels I think it could support a series.

  17. Pulp Fiction because of the intertwining stories.

  18. Reservoir Dogs. A new crime caper each week? Awesome.

  19. django unchained. Id love to see what happens next!!

  20. I think Jackie Brown would make a good series.

  21. Reservoir Dogs for me

  22. I think Kill Bill would be great as a series

  23. I think Kill Bill would make a fantastic series, there are plenty of baddies in the world that need taking out!!

  24. Desperado loads of very good storylines to adapt

  25. Desperado loads of very good storylines to adapt would make very good tv

  26. Pulp Fiction – a lot was packed into the film from which a lot can be picked up for TV


  28. Reservoir Dogs

  29. Kill Bill would easily be the best and easiest to turn into a series

  30. Death Proof the car could be like the film Christine moving on each week to a new place

  31. Desperado

  32. Pulp fiction might be a good one

  33. Pulp Fiction is a cult classic that would enjoy a great renaissance by being made into a series

  34. Reservoir Dogs, would be great for a back story on each character

  35. Reservoir Dogs – Explore all the colours!

  36. Inglourious Basterds – this could be beautifully done

  37. Pulp Fiction my personal choice

  38. Desperado is the one I would like to see

  39. Kill Bill would be good as a series

  40. sin city would be a great series

  41. Pulp Fiction. The availability of dysfuntionality would make for an awesome and unpredictable TV series.

  42. Kill Bill, the hero, Uma Thurman, could be shown to be like David Caradine in the Kung Fu series, using marital arts to fight for the poor and oppressed. Which is what marital arts was invented for.

  43. pulp fiction would be a great make for comedy value

  44. I think pulp fiction would make a great series as it’s such a well known film and would make for great watching

  45. MACHETE – I think the film could be stretched out into a series. Even Machete Kills could, although I’d recommend some serious changes before that went into production!

  46. Reservoir Dogs as a prequel to the movie 🙂

  47. Desperado, I’d love to see how that ends.

  48. Django unchained – I’d love to see what happened afterwards. How did the events of the film shape the surrounding area and affect the relationships between races.

  49. Kill Bill – new targets every week!

  50. love this so much

  51. kill bill has more scope for extra tv parts

  52. Pulp Fiction because of all the different characters.

  53. Kill Bill might make an interesting TV series.

  54. Reservoir Dogs would make a good series it would be good to explore each film character in more detail

  55. Reservoir Dogs in a series of crimes 🙂

  56. Sin city, so many stories to tell!

  57. Pulp Fiction, you could make an excellent anthology series about all of the different characters and then cross them over for a series finale

  58. Pulp Fiction. So many different stories in one overall story!

  59. Reservoir Dogs – you could really expand on the characters

  60. I think Kill Bill would be great as a series.

  61. Sin City – would be like a soap-opera with apocalyptic overtones!

  62. Desperado – excellent characters

  63. final destination

  64. Pulp fiction

  65. Kill Bill would lend itself to this treatment – an inexhaustible theme

  66. Desperado

  67. Kill Bill, because I think it could be great!

  68. has to be desperado,

  69. Has to be Kill Bill – its already like a series in the way the films done but it could be an awesome series – they could do a whole season on the back story of each character, plus you have the kids of the characters too so plenty to fill in

  70. Reservoir Dogs – would be great!

  71. I love dusk till dawn

  72. Reservoir Dogs, as you could find out even more about the back story to each character.

  73. OMG PLANET TERROR all the way it is one of the funniest AND most fun films to watch one of my faves, be brilliant as a show!!! love Rose McGowan we don’t see enough of her anymore! xxx

  74. Would have to be Kill Bill. Such amazing masterpieces! Would defo have to have Uma in the show though, what an amazing actress!

  75. desperado would make a great to series,

  76. Gotta be sin city there is so many interesting characters to explore would be amazing

  77. Desperado ????

  78. True Romance……either prequel series or sequels could work well…see lives before and after meeting each other and the different paths and backgrounds!

  79. I think Sin City would have the most scope for expansion, and would make a very stylish series.

  80. Desperado is my vote

  81. kill bill would make a great tv series, I’d watch it!

  82. Desperado is my choice.

  83. Pulp Fiction. Great cast, great characters and fantastic music!

  84. Quentin’s “Natural Born Killers” is the one for me – the storyline adapts and can be extended to add multiple storylines and gory deaths into a classic police chase suspense-filled character driven tv series.

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