Bloody Disguting informs us that the one and only John Carpenter was recently interviewed on an episode of Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast. Normally used to giving terse answers that sometimes only consist of one word [check out this very website’s interview with the man as proof], he was apparently more verbose than normal and weighed in on the current state of the horror genre.

 “The Walking Dead. That was a movie that George Romero made back in ’68 [meaning Night of the Living Dead] and they have milked…people have milked it and they’re STILL milking it. It’s unreal.”

“Horror is due for a new beginning. It’s due for a resurgence. They have to change it. We have to change it up. We can’t keep doing these cheap Poltergeist movies either. Paranormal… It’s just a cheap movie. Come on now!”

Carpenter went on to say how the majority of horror films are bad, many are average, and only a handful stand out as being really great. He also said that The Thing is the best horror movie he ever made.

Do you think he’s right? I agree with him up to a point, the genre is stuck in a bit of a rut, though every now and again something like It Follows comes along to freshen things up, while the current release The Conjuring 2 may not have offered much that was new but certainly succeeded in being frightening. Of course many of the more original and interesting horor films are not major releases. As for the majority of horror films being bad….well….lots and lots of crappy offerings do come out so maybe he’s right there. As for his comment about The Thing….well, it’s certainly between that film and Halloween for me!

Carpenter is of course busy touring and Yours Truly will be attending one of his music concerts in October and will report back!

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