Ghostface is revealed as MTV’s Scream Season 2 ends with another twist in the tale!



Eagle eye readers of HCF will have known that last year I wrote a small review of every episode of MTV’s attempt of bringing the horror classic franchise Scream to the small screen.  All episodes were covered, up until the finale itself,  for reasons of a combination of a week without the internet and the fact that I was so underwhelmed by the show, that in truth I could not be bothered.

The first season was a muddled affair.  Some brief moments of outstanding slash set-pieces were outdone by some awful acting and a killer who I guessed from roughly five episodes in.  When Piper took off that infamous mask, a huge groan came from within my horror love.  Nearly 95% of fans guessed it was her and the reasons behind it, only once a small doubt emerged was when the writers in one particular scene cleverly put her in danger of Ghostface, who knocked her to the floor and dragged poor Jake away.

This was something Noah commented on at the final few moments of that season finale.  “If Piper was the killer, then who was dressed up in the killer’s suit?”  Many like myself speculated that the show was following the film franchise and there had to be two people causing the carnage, even Piper said before she died “That she had one more surprise”.  But what was it?

To be honest with you readers, I was all set to give Scream Season 2 amiss.  I only tuned in for the first episode of the new run out of my love for Ghostface but I was expecting to give up on the ride, long before the show reached the end of its expected bloodbath.  Hence the reasons why there were no reviews of each episode as I never thought I would get to this stage.

But something happened that quite shocked me, I found myself actually enjoying it immensely this time,  Every episode opened up a web of intrigue, all thanks to a new creative team who understood what makes the Scream franchise tick!

Throughout the run we met a ruthless killer, some great bloody killings and a mystery that had many of us questioning those around us.  What makes a good Scream film is the fun part of “Who is the killer behind the mask?” and the show gave us plenty of red herrings that at one stage many of us thought it was the heroine herself Emma, a bold move we hoped, that sadly never panned out.

But what was so surprising about season 2 is the fact it was written well and the characters had started to be people I cared about.  Take example Brooke, a girl who I sooooooooo wanted to die for many episodes in Season 1, but has now grown to be the most likeable character of them all, so much that when Ghostface stabbed her in this last episode, I was infuriated that she could possibly meet her maker.   Thankfully she has survived, but the poor girl has been stabbed twice and seen her boyfriend and father get murdered……..the girl needs a holiday and some relief.

Same goes for Noah, Audrey and Emma.  These four characters are now so important to the whole franchise that I can’t imagine them ever finally meeting the knife of Ghostface, but what it seems already like a  Season 3 being set-up, its going to be interesting to see what fate awaits them all and if they actually ever get out of Lakewood alive.


                                                                                               “ITS ME!”

Sadly the big reveal was a bit of a let down.  Throughout Season One many thought Kieran was the Billy Loomis of the show (myself included) so well done to the 99% of you who guessed correctly, even though I was going into this finale still not quite positive that he could be the new killer.  But as soon as he stepped out of the shower and greeted Emma with the words “I have been so worried”, I was like…..”really……you worried that your girlfriend is on the run for murder so you take a shower?

The trouble with this episode that Kieran who has been largely missing for the last few episodes had all of a sudden became right in the centre of the action and it became increasingly more likely as the minutes went by.  The reveal was more closer to the original film than I liked, with a kind of Stu and Randy homage, “Its him..”…..”no its him!”….. but I understand why fans would love this scene.  I did like his motive though.  There was no grand plan!  No big speech.  He just killed because he could (and he was banging Piper) and it was quite refreshing, that Emma did not kill him and he got arrested for his crimes.

OK! This was done because we get the mini twist at the end. The “who told you you could wear my mask” phone call to Kieran in prison suggests that the show is actually going down the Scream 3 route and introducing their own Roman.  Yes, there is a third killer in town, someone who may or may have not been pulling the strings from the off.  Is it Brandon James back from the dead?

Either way, having Kieran as the killer may be the most predictable outcome, but it does make re-watching  both seasons again a much more interesting ride with this new found outlook.  Something which I am more than willing to do over the next few weeks!

Its a bold move by the creators to leave fans with another cliff-hanger especially as there is no official word yet that a third season is coming, but surprisingly, personally for myself I be quite sad if we never get to see how these loose ends ties up.

I had low hopes when Scream moved to the small screen and they became even lower as Season One reached its climax, but having learnt from their mistakes, Season Two has been a fun mystery ride from the off.  This last episode was more Scream alike than we have seen, with many scenes being written as a love letter to the past, and while no one can really complain about the outcome as it perfectly fits the whole storyline, its the shadow of the dead Brandon James looming large that makes season three a much tantalising prospect!

Who is he?  What other secret is Maggie keeping from her daughter? Who would have thought I would grown to like this MTV Adaptation?

Roll on news of a season renewal!




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