ROAD GAMES TO Receive UK DVD and VOD Release in August


ROAD GAMES will be coming to Digital Download and VOD 26th August and DVD 29th August.

British director Abner Pastoll’s French-set horror thriller smartly blends the thrills of a killer on the road film with the chills of the strangers stuck in an old dark house set-up – with nerve stretching results.

With an attractive pair of rising stars in the lead roles – Andrew Simpson and Joséphine de La Baume – and stellar performances from screen veterans Frédéric Pierrot and Barbara Crampton – along with a healthy dose of sex and violence, and some unique, shocking plot twists along the way, Road Games treads a familiar path in a very unique way.

With knowing nods to films including Switchblade Romance, Wolf Creek, The Hitcher and classic 1970 French road movie chiller And Soon The Darkness, and a stand out turn from 1980s scream queen Barbara Crampton, Road Games is a real treat for horror fans – as well as a fiercely effective nail-biter that ratchets up the tension in the final act to an almost unbearable degree.

Beautifully filmed, featuring a brooding, pulsing John Carpenter-esque synth score, and packed with delicious surprises (including a cameo corpse and a nifty post end-credits sequence), Road Games is a sensational thrill ride into the dark heart of rural France.

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