Not knowing much about the source material myself, I didn’t mind the 1997 film Spawn too much, though the animated TV mini-series that came soon after was far superior. Ever since the 1997 movie, generally regarded as a very poor translation of the Image Comics anti-hero and his world, creator Todd McFarlane has been going on about a new film which will right the wrongs of the first. In 2009, he actually stated he was negotiating to write and direct the effort himself, but nothing materialised. However, on AMC’s Geeking Out, he stated that it’s still coming.

“It’s not going to be a continuation. It’s not going to be a sequel. Scrub the first movie. It’s going to be a dark, R-rated, scary, badass sort of script. It’s not a nice, polite PG-13.”

That’s all he said though. No concrete details of a film actually going to be made. One has to admire his perseverance though, and it seems a bit more possible that it may happen now since the commercial success of the ‘R’ rated Deadpool. I wish him luck. Anything to help break the monotony of all this Marvel vs. DC stuff.

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