Sep 052016


That wretched piece of crap called Ghostbusters which came out a short while ago is getting a longer cut. Frankly, I can’t think of anything much worse than even more of this movie, though I suppose it’s possible that there may be some actual jokes this time around. During the promo tour for his film, director Paul Feig hinted at a longer version for the home video release, and said that this cut would run 15 minutes longer than what was seen in cinemas. He’s kept his word and the extended cut will be on the upcoming Region ‘A’ Blu-ray of Ghostbusters together with the theatrical version. I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t on the UK Region ‘B’ Blu-ray too. The film was [hurray!] a major flop and they will want to try and recoup as much money as they can!


Dr Lenera

Dr LeneraI'm a huge film fan and will watch pretty much any type of film, from Martial Arts to Westerns, from Romances [though I don't really like Romcoms!]] to Historical Epics. Though I most certainly 'have a life', I tend to go to the cinema twice a week! However,ever since I was a kid, sneaking downstairs when my parents had gone to bed to watch old Universal and Hammer horror movies, I've always been especially fascinated by horror, and though I enjoy all types of horror films, those Golden Oldies with people like Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee probably remain my favourites. That's not to say I don't enjoy a bit of blood and gore every now and again though, and am also a huge fan of Italian horror, I just love the style.


  1. LMFAO one of manys flops this summer

  2. It probably won’t make it any better.

  3. SONY really wants to reduce the size of the loss they’ve had coming since this film hit theaters.

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