Rosemary’s Baby Style Horror SHELLEY To Be Delivered on DVD and Download in UK on 10th October 2016


A moody, haunting Rosemary’s Baby for the 21st Century, SHELLEY is an arty, atmospheric horror film that blends the shocks of Inside with the surreal, unsettling worldview of David Lynch.

When Elena arrives in the countryside to work as a housekeeper for Louise and Kasper, she finds the isolated cottage deep in a dense, eerie forest, cut off from modern society. Soon, Louise approaches Elena with a lucrative deal: begging her to carry a baby for her as she is unable to conceive, and desperately yearns for a child.

Elena’s pregnancy brings joy into the cold, dark home, but it isn’t long until strange events, sensations and hallucinations lead the household to believe that something is terribly wrong. The life growing inside Elena is taking shape too fast, and bringing an evil force like no other.

Debut director Ali Abbasi shot the film at a wonderful lakeside house in Sweden, that echoes the great horror film locations of yore, including the Overlook Hotel in The Shining and the Amityville house – are the buildings imbued with something sinister, or the people?

With compelling central performances from Cosmina Stratan and Ellen Dorrit Petersen, this is not a film for the faint-hearted – and definitely not recommended for expectant mothers!

SHELLEY arrives on DVD & Download 10th October 2016 from Studiocanal

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