Nov 052016



Being an 80’s child, we were kind of spoilt for choice what to watch on our Saturday mornings!  Unlike now where this generation have a more of a surreal vibe variety with the likes of SpongeBob, Regular Show and Gumball, we had a feast of action hitting our eyes with the likes of Transformers, Thundercats, MASK and plenty more!

One of the choices was the quite brilliant Voltron: Defender Of The Universe, a crazy cartoon about a team of astronauts who pilot a giant robot and save us from many threats out there!

Its very much a cult classic that is universally loved and even listening to the theme music, brings many back to an age where we sat in front of the telly, eating our Mighty White bread (don’t ask!) and drinking a My Mum’s Cola (Cheap fizzy crap, that should have killed us as it tasted like diesel).

It’s been reported that Universal are planning on bringing to the screen a live action version of the franchise and Watchmen’s David Hayter is currently working on the script.

We let you know more when we get it!

Ross Hughes

Ross HughesSince my mother sat me down at the age of five years of age and watched a little called Halloween, I have been hooked on horror. There is no other genre that gets me excited and takes me to the edge of entertainment. I watch everything from old, new, to cheap and blockbusters, but I promise all my readers that I will always give an honest opinion, and I hope whoever reads this review section, will find a film that they too can love as much as I do! Have fun reading, and please DO HAVE NIGHTMARES!!!!!!

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