TOADLED – PC Game Review


Developed by Giant Fox Studios
Published by Rudder Games
Available on Steam

In Toadled, you play a toad with a very large appetite. The aim is to collect as many coins by waving the mouse cursor over the top of them as well as clicking on any food sources, so in the first stage it’s bugs, before they hit the toad. Clicking on the delicious insects before they reach the toad in succession will see the toad grow and mutate. With the mutations come a larger appetitite. First bugs, then dogs… before you know it, your toad has a taste for cars, skyscrapers and even planets! Can you reach stage 10 and become the ultimate toad you can be?

When I first started playing Toadled, I didn’t know what to expect. I quickly discovered what a relaxing game it is with its simply mechanics of waving and clicking the mouse and occasionally updating stats such as growth, slo-mo and health using the coins I collect. What’s so reqrding about this game is its sense of humour, providing a little comic along with the way via unlockable pages that allow you to see how this little toad ends up a super force. In the gameplay video, I joke how the toad will end up like Toadzilla and I wasn’t wrong, though I never in a million years would have guessed it would have been wearing a fetching hat too. Very stylish!

Toadled is by no means a difficult game though stages 9 and 10 can get a bit hectic (a use of slow-mo can help) with houses and planets flying at you from every angle. The game can be completed fairly quickly though the survival mode offers extra gameplay for uses looking to achieve a high score. Whilst it might not be engrossing as an RPG, it’s simple gameplay makes it ideal as one of those stress-release games to play for the odd 10 minutes here or there and provides a lot of fun for the player with its cute animation.

Steam achievements are easily unlocked whilst the game also offers Steam trading cards for those who like to collect them. A few play throughs maybe needed to unlock these achievements as well as the in-game comic but this only adds to the game’s charm and isn’t a chore which it can be for some games.

Toadled may be short and sweet but it’s chock full of charm.

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