Horror Cult Movies About Aliens Worth Checking Out

If you’re a fan of horror and sci-fi flicks, you know that nothing quite compares to an alien movie. Whether it’s a campy film or something with more depth and meaning, one thing is for sure: people tend to flock to see beings from other worlds on screen. Going to see an alien blockbuster is sort of like heading to an online casino to play — there’s plenty of thrills along the way and the experience is often quite memorable. Some movies in this genre were so impactful or popular that they easily became cult classics. Here are some of the best alien horror movies that were ever made.

The Thing (1982)

Sure, when it first came out this John Carpenter film fell short at the box office. However, since its debut in 1982 The Thing has garnered wide acclaim and is now known as one of the best sci-fi horror films to ever hit the big screen. Kurt Russell stars in it as the leader of a group of guys who are trying to find and get rid of an alien that’s been wreaking havoc on earth. There are so many tense moments and brilliant scenes that this movie is well worth watching over and over again.


Starship Troopers (1997)

This wasn’t just your ordinary alien movie, it had political undertones and when you watch it you’ll really think about how the society shown in the film compares to the world we actually live in. The militarism and similarities in many parts of Starship Troopers is striking, and there are some unsettling aspects of the film that are thought provoking — this is where Starship Troopers really hits a high note. Of course, the action in the movie is also one of the reasons that so many people love it, as is the performance given by Neil Patrick Harris. Warring against alien bugs doesn’t get much more poignant that it does in this film. If it starts getting a bit too scary for you, take a break and visit All Slots casino for some fun that’s not horrifying.


The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

This movie is well over 60 years old, but it’s so good that it’s still on many people’s must-see list. The Day The Earth Stood Still makes people question their own lives, and the plot is quite intriguing. This is sci-fi horror at its finest, and that’s saying something considering the fact that the 50s era didn’t have the mind-blowing special effects that we have today. If you haven’t seen this classic yet, get your hands on a copy or find it online. For classic games, All Slots casino will hit the spot and give you the chance to win big.


Alien (1979)

Ridley Scott did a fantastic job with Alien, a movie about aliens making contact with humans and things going all sorts of crazy. Alien is one of the movies that set the bar high for the genre, and it’s still unparalleled. This film has excellent visuals and a great script to back it up. Alien is more than a classic, it’s an epic piece of cinema that you definitely need to see if you’re a sci-fi horror fan.

Of course there are many other great movies that we didn’t mention here, but we believe you’ll be able to find most of them on Horror Cult Films. Enjoy!

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