LATEST MOVIES: Glosserman confirms 10th Anniversary Blu-Ray coming for Leslie Vernon

One of the best Slasher films of all time is also one that many haven’t even heard of.

BEHIND THE MASK: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon is a film that is rightly called a cult classic.  A fantastic, brilliant horror that shows the viewer how a normal man, can become a bogeyman to rival the likes of Michael and Jason and if you haven’t seen it, then clap your hands with joy, as a 10th anniversary Blu-Ray is finally coming out.

That is great news for the newbies, but what about the fans that have been crying out for a sequel and were in hope after a cryptic clue appeared on the official Facebook site?

Well it seems that the news was just for that Blu-Ray announcement but director Scott Glosserman has given us a few updates on where the franchise is at and talked about the storyline for the sequel and how its now outdated as the script was written several years ago.

The script itself captures that mid-aughts period, in the midst of the torture porn/found footage genres. It had a lot of interesting things to say. Today, that script, that film, is almost like a period piece because I don’t necessarily want to bring it up to current day, and yet, certain things may feel a little bit old or period, depending on how you look at it. I think we captured the essence of what was happening several years ago. If we do get the opportunity to make the film, I’m not sure I’d want to make the screenplay any more current. It’s a little bit of a conundrum.

We have ways of explaining that away. So for instance, that footage was shot at the time and then embargoed, and it’s only coming out now. It’s footage that was discovered in 2007. We can write that into the narrative. Or we can literally do a whole rewrite and bring it up to modern day. There are new conventions of horror. There’s just so much more material. That’s why I’m excited to hopefully have the opportunity to do another one.

Scott also talked about the planned Blu-Ray and what to expect on the extras.

This is the 10th anniversary. We’re gonna release a 10th anniversary edition of the movie. And put some new special features, more of which I’ll be announcing at [next month’s SXSW film festival]. I’m debating whether to put the [deleted] courtroom epiloque on. It would be a bonus feature on the DVD/Blu-ray. I never recorded a director’s commentary. At this point I think it’d be kinda nice to reflect on the film and go through it.

While the sequel is still up in the air, there is plans for maybe a comic book for Leslie Vernon, but while that is still a fantastic thing to look forward too, its still a shame that after 10 years we still waiting for a follow up.  Hopefully interest in the Blu-Ray will spark an interest and ramp up the pressure to get it made.

More as we get it!


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