This is a kind of sequel to an article I posted a few weeks ago about Dario Argento apparently working on two new horror projects. Now I assumed thay they were both films, one of them being The Sandman. However, that particular project must be dead in the water as horrormovies.ca informs us that one of the projects is:

“A new film, along with an American writer, and should be shot in Canada, although it is not sure yet.”

Now that may not sound hugely exciting as Dario’s recent work has hardly been great. However, Argento has also said:

“I’m also writing a book of black fairy tales for adults.”

Now that’s exciting, especially if you recall that both Suspiria and Inferno contain strong fairytale elements. Perhaps this will show a late flowering of his talent in a different direction to what we are used to. And hopefully it will take a bit of the sting out of this accursed Suspiria remake.

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