Apr 192017

The end is coming for Bates Motel and for Norman Bates with the last ever episode set to air next Monday on A&E.

After four glorious years of watching Freddie Highmore take on the iconic role of Norman and making it his own, along with Vera Farmiga as Norma, I am going to really miss this show as make no mistake, this is the end. ¬†There will be no last minute announcements of a surprise Season 6, as everything has been building up to this finale and I for one can’t wait!

If you haven’t caught up with the show so far especially as the UK is a bit behind, then avoid this trailer, but if you have caught up, then get ready as Bates Motel is set to close its doors forever…..

Here is the tease:


Ross Hughes

Ross HughesSince my mother sat me down at the age of five years of age and watched a little called Halloween, I have been hooked on horror. There is no other genre that gets me excited and takes me to the edge of entertainment. I watch everything from old, new, to cheap and blockbusters, but I promise all my readers that I will always give an honest opinion, and I hope whoever reads this review section, will find a film that they too can love as much as I do! Have fun reading, and please DO HAVE NIGHTMARES!!!!!!

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