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Apr 142017

To celebrate the release of THE BELKO EXPERIMENT – in UK cinemas 21st April – we are giving away a poster & t-shirt courtesy of Vertigo Releasing.

In a twisted social experiment, a group of 80 Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office in Bogotá, Colombia, and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the company’s intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed in order to survive.

The Belko Experiment is directed by Greg McLean (The Darkness, Wolf Creek), written by James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) and produced by Peter Safran (The Conjuring, Annabelle) and Gunn. The film stars John Gallagher, Jr. (The Newsroom, 10 Cloverfield Lane), Tony Goldwyn (Scandal), Adria Arjona (True Detective), John C. McGinley (Stan Against Evil, Scrubs), Melonie Diaz (Fruitvale Station), Josh Brener (Silicon Valley) and Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy).

The Belko Experiment raises provocative questions while offering a black-humoured thrill-ride that pushes ruthless corporate behaviour to terrifying extremes!

For your chance to win The Belko Experiment prizes, simply comment below telling us which piece of office stationary would you use as a weapon and why?.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Friday 28th April 2017 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 1 winner will win 1x The Belko Experiment T-Shirt and Poster
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.



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  52 Responses to “Win THE BELKO EXPERIMENT Poster and T-Shirt In Our Competition”

  1. Sharpened pencils do maximum damage

  2. A mug of hot tea would be the perfect weapon for me. Throw the hot water to scauld & confuse, then a strike to the head with the mug. This would then be a perfect time to take a tea break. Grab a new mug & if required repeat the process again ????

  3. I reckon you could do some damage with those staple removers… sharp metal points could probably take decent bites from human flesh!

  4. The letter opener, it’s metal and pointed.

  5. I’m arming myself with my wired computer mouse and swinging it like a medieval flail

  6. A nice pair of sharp scissors as its the sharpest and the strongest of all stationary items 😉

  7. A heavy duty stapler – fully loaded this could cause a lot of damage, while the stapler itself could be used to bludgeon someone to death (well, you did ask!)

  8. I recon a few pens selotaped
    ped together on the end of something long like a ruler or broom handle! that and some scissors!

  9. Gotta go with the scissors. Although if I can’t find them, a pen is probably a good second. A good thrust in the right area (matron) and you’re sorted.

  10. Not to get too specific but the Avery Precision Guillotine would be ideal. After removing the table part of it of course. The reason would be the ultra sharp blade which can cut through 50 sheets of paper no problem.

  11. A stapler because they look an awful lot like the Alien

  12. My paperweight – I am good shot – would knock any zombie out

  13. A sheet of paper. Have you ever gotten a paper cut? I guess you could fashion a shank out a fountain pen as well.

  14. A labeller – because a Dymo is mightier than the sword!

  15. Inspired by the story of David and Goliath, I would use an elastic band as a sling to fire rubbers to stun or drawing pins to kill.

  16. My hole punch is quite heavy, so I could throw that.

  17. A Stapler because you could hold whoever against the door and staple their clothes all around and they would be stuck

  18. A label maker- I would print out “DEAD” and put it on their forehead. that’ll learn em.

  19. A4 hole punch. It feels nice in the hand.

  20. Get the office sweeping brush put a sharp point on the end have a ready made spear very useful in this situation

  21. My stapler! Surely getting stapled has to go hurt?

  22. Desk fan – take the cover off and watch those zombie brains fly everywhere

  23. A stapler could be deadly

  24. I’d use a pair scissors because they are as sharp as knife.

  25. My Biology teacher at school used to used a blackboard rubber which was particularly effective…especially hitting the boys on the back bench. He figured the soft padded end wouldn’t hurt them too much, but didn’t reckon on the hard solid wood handle!!

  26. Guillotine paper cutter – Take the hinge off one side separate it from the base and you have a ready made machete eager to meet limbs and soft tissue. On the plus side dissected limbs can be lined up on the base board and there dimensions measured.

  27. A pair of scissors is an obvious weapon, but maybe a letter opener could be sharpened enough to do some good stabbing damage 😀

  28. It would be simply scissors,I would aim at the neck and lunge.Quick and affective.

  29. a heavy stapler would do some damage

  30. a sharp pencil to stab

  31. Do you mean ‘stationery’? If so, I would use sharpened 9H pencil and aim for the eyes!

  32. I would use a compass as a weapon – it is pretty sharp

  33. I would use scissors as a weapon,good for cutting and stabbing nasty zombies

  34. Hmmm, if I had to choose one thing it would be the lamaneter thingingy majig! It’s hot, and it burns!

  35. a letter opener , because it resembles a dagger

  36. letter opener – stab stab STAB! lol

  37. A pencil through the heart.

  38. Scissors, would make an excellent stabbing weapon

  39. Stapler – ouch!

  40. My retro metal geometry set; that set square when used in the right can cause extreme pain.

  41. scissors i could take his eyes out

  42. The Perforator…I would perforate away until I was left with a bundle of confetti then feed it to the birds!

  43. A shredder. A bit of modification to the insertion slot for maximum damage.

  44. My old pc screen was so heavy it could do some real damage.

  45. I’d go with a two fold strategy. First off the utterly inhumane: Powerpoint Sales Projection Presentation. The once you have then totally immobilized and with the will to live almost extinct you bash their brains out with the 820 page Corporate Ethics, Divertsity and Social Responsibility Report! The poor fools!

  46. Heavy duty stapler and staple their arms and legs to the wall

  47. A good sharp fountain pen would make a nice clean incision……

  48. An INK pen – sharp and let the ink poison the blood stream

  49. calculator to bore the enemy to sleep with math equations 🙂

  50. Elastic bands and pencils to make a catapult 🙂 then sharpen pencils to fire

  51. industrial strength stapler – those staples are killer and could easily cause some serious damage

  52. blue tac they would distracted by trying to get it off

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