5 of the scariest playing card designs

When it comes to card decks the important thing of course is to have the right number of cards, and for them to be recognisable so you can see the number and suit. Other than that, there is room to add whatever design you want, and to add some fun into the games you play with them.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look around the Internet and find some of the scariest designs for playing decks, and these are some of the more interesting we found:

Hellraiser Playing Cards

Horror fans will know the dark tale of Hellraiser, and the puzzle box that will bring the pleasures of hell to you. Our first deck of choice was found on sale on Etsy and is based on the very gory movie. Could this deck call on Pinhead and the other Cenobites? That would probably depend on how successful a hand you have. If you can’t take this hellbound game, maybe it would be more advisable to play online poker on a reputable platform. Though we still can’t promise you won’t find monsters of a different variety there.

Asylum Playing Cards

The Asylum deck is one based on the madness found within a horror asylum. With a classical horror design all manners of characters take the role of the kings, queens, jacks and aces. One thing we can be sure of with this blood-soaked deck, is your sanity may not be left intact after this game.

Ultimate Deck

Named the Ultimate Deck, this set of cards is full of all kinds of images. We chose it because of the level of macabre that is on show on some of the cards. Maybe not the scariest, it still has a mysterious and bloody edge to it.

Bicycle Black Ghost Deck

Bicycle are known for their impressively dark decks that they put on sale, and the Ghost Deck doesn’t let us down for the scares on show. With a ghost theme, this deck will no doubt haunt the games you play. It may be advisable not to use this deck for fortune telling unless you want to get in touch with the ghostly side.

Bicycle Eerie Playing Cards

Another Bicycle set, the Eerie Playing Cards are more colourful than the Ghost Deck, but just as creepy. Full of scary clowns, and all manner of other creatures you won’t forget some of the monsters found in this deck.

You’ve no doubt seen some horrifying card games in your time, but using card decks like these. Why not have a night full of ghoulish games with one of these sets? Give the decks their own scary history and your friends will no doubt be creeped out by your dark choice of game playing deck.


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