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Carrie: The Musical

Despite the titular character’s concerns, all over the world millions of people remember her name. Since the novel’s initial publication in 1974, Carrie’s gone on to inspire four films (including a remake and a dodgy […]


The Falling (2014)

The Falling (2014) Written and directed by Carol Morley Despite our titular mission statement, the reviews section of this site has always been a broad church. Indeed, when I first started writing for it the […]


We Are Monster

WE ARE MONSTER (2014) Directed by Antony Petrou No matter what tabloid rhetoric may say, prison never has nor ever will be “a hotel”. For the perks of an old games console between a floor […]


Phillip Human

Writing for a horror site you get to go to some pretty cool places. But, thus far, none have been so cool as The Old Operating Theatre beside London Bridge. Situated under the vast shadow […]


Dark Summer (2015)

DARK SUMMER (2015) Directed by Paul Solet Thumbing my phone I’m beginning this review on the journey home. Not something I’d usually do, but as per an evening spent with streams of spirits in the other […]



In a letter penned to 2001 Space Odyssey author Arthur C Clarke, Stanley Kubrick expressed his interest in taking a stab at creating the proverbial ‘really good’ science fiction movie. As with how great horrors […]

HCF Reviews


Dolls get a bad rap in horror. As with clowns, rocking horses and carnivals they’ll show up regularly as some sort of perversion on childhood. Among others we’ve had the mischievous Chucky, the toy from […]


Okora: The Prelude

[youtube][/youtube] ‘Hey David’ says the lovely Horror Cult Films web-mistress (who I’m in no way sucking up to). ‘You able to attend a premier of Okora The Prelude next week?’ Being a fan of going […]