PULP (1972)

Available on Blu-ray and DVD from Arrow Video 18th December 2017 Director Mike Hodges has a pretty eclectic body of work. He’s someone who’s told dark stories about crime and death… but also worked on […]


LIVE-EVIL (2015)

Available on Amazon Video 31/10/17 with other platforms to follow Live-Evil is one of those films that you can just feel won’t quite deliver on the lofty promises made by the film makers. They claim […]

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AKA Worm Available to stream now Science and Hell have come together… well at least according to one of the poster taglines. The same artwork also suggests this will be mixing up the twisting cities […]

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Release Date  – On DVD 16th October 2017 So let’s get to it right away, and talk about the elephant in the room. This isn’t an original sounding movie, from the rather forced portmanteau title […]



VOD Release Date 5th September 2017 [Amazon] [Vimeo] A strange island inheritance, a troubled psychic looking for peace, and an amoral web journalist looking for a story… these may not be the most conventional ideas […]

Found Footage


Available on DVD 18th September 2017 While subjects like the supernatural and other horror staples have often been the subject of found footage movies, science fiction generally crops up less frequently. I guess this is […]



Available on Dual Format DVD & Blu-ray November 2017 AKA Tiszta szívvel (With a Pure Heart) What’s in a title? Well in this case not so much, as the Hungarian translation suggests. Here the original […]

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AKA: THE RECALL Available on Blu Ray 21 August 2017 I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not because of any sort of sinister alien telepathy. Just seeing the names headlining this release conjures up […]