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HBO at Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us, and to get in the mood for the scares and thrills of the spookiest night of the year we’ve been thinking about the most horrifying, most gruesome, and […]

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The Burning (AKA Cropsy) (1981)

[youtube][/youtube] The Burning (AKA Cropsy) (1981) First released: 1981 Director: Tony Maylam Current UK Status: Available uncut on Region 2, although there are rumours the Region 1 version is the full, uncut version. The Burning […]

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Hacked To Pieces

HACKED 2 PIECES: A weekly look at the news by Reviews Editor Ross Hughes

                                                                                                                                HACKED 2 PIECES: A Weekly Look At All The News By Ross Hughes                                                                             INSIDIOUS vs SCRE4M    Well the summer is nearly over and the nights are beginning to […]