UK Release Date – TBC Cutler County, Mississippi isn’t the best place to make an over night stop for a variety of reasons. There’s a drug problem, the police are corrupt, and there are some […]


MEAT (2010)

AKA Vlees (Original title) Available on Amazon DVD (Content warning) Disconnected scenes, little sense of a narrative, and even less dialogue – these are often signs that a foreign language thriller is not going to […]



EXTERMINATOR 2 (1984) Directed by Mark Buntzman The flamethrower-wielding vigilante known as ‘The Exterminator’ is back on the streets to rid the city of scum but his vengeance becomes personal after a drug-fuelled gang of […]


DARK COVE (2016)

UK Release Date – TBC Camping trips and visits to the wilderness gone wrong are a staple for those film makers without a set or the means to acquire a lot of lighting equipment. But […]


GOMORRAH – Season One Review

GOMORRAH (2014) Season One Italian language with English subtitles Available on DVD, Blu-Ray, Amazon Prime and Season 1 & 2 DVD and Blu-Ray boxset Italian mafia family Savastano, led by Don Pietro, have their fingers […]