December 5, 2016 Bat 0

LORDS OF DOGTOWN (2005) Directed by Catherine Hardwicke Three talented teenage friends, Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta and Jay Adams, are signed up to local surf […]


December 2, 2016 Bat 0

LUCKY STIFF (1988) Directed by Anthony Perkins After walking down the aisle several times but never actually getting through the marriage ceromony thanks to his […]


November 20, 2016 Mocata 0

UK Release Date – TBC Cutler County, Mississippi isn’t the best place to make an over night stop for a variety of reasons. There’s a […]


November 13, 2016 Bat 0

SOLARWARRIORS (1986) Directed by Alan Johnson Available on DVD and Blu-Ray from Amazon Set in the distant future, the Earth has become a dry, barren […]

MEAT (2010)

November 12, 2016 Mocata 0

AKA Vlees (Original title) Available on Amazon DVD (Content warning) Disconnected scenes, little sense of a narrative, and even less dialogue – these are often […]


November 2, 2016 Bat 0

EXTERMINATOR 2 (1984) Directed by Mark Buntzman The flamethrower-wielding vigilante known as ‘The Exterminator’ is back on the streets to rid the city of scum […]

LEOPARD (2013)

October 30, 2016 Mocata 0

Previously known as Cold UK release date TBC Ah family… you can’t live with them, you can’t dump them in the local swamp. Troubled childhoods […]

No Picture

ARCADIA (2016)

October 23, 2016 Bat 1

ARCADIA (2016) Written and directed by Tom Large Set in a not too distant future, the UK has been struck by disease which shortens a […]