Lights Out (2016)

Lights out (2016) Directed by David F. Sandberg Now, I’ve never looked into it, so i could be wrong. But I’d bet fear of the dark is among the most common phobias. There’s something […]


Visions (2015)

VISIONS (2015) Directed by Kevin Greutert Given the genre’s focus on vulnerable people in danger, it seems a fairly safe bet to do a film about a pregnant women in trouble. Sadly, as per 2014’s […]

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CLASSROOM 6 (2015)

CLASSROOM 6 (2015) Written and Directed by Jonas Odenheimer When a male teacher and female student go missing from a school, the surrounding community are led to believe that the couple were romantically involved and […]

No Picture


DARK SIGNAL (2016) Co-written and Directed by Edward Evers-Swindell In North Wales, a radio show broadcasts for the final time with the station’s number one DJ looking to go out with a bang. Meanwhile, Kate, […]


Restoration (2016)

RESTORATION (2016) Directed by Zack Ward Maybe it’s my horror fandom that makes me so loathe to move out of the current squalor I call home. After all, if this genre’s taught us anything it’s […]

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The Unfolding (2016)

THE UNFOLDING (2016) Directed by Eugene McGing Usually writing reviews is a real source of pleasure. If the movie’s a good one then it’s great fun to tell people why they should see it. And if it’s bad then […]


CLINGER (2015)

CLINGER (2015) Available on Amazon With its opening text about ‘first love’ and a sinister musical cue, Clinger sets the tone right away for a typical boy meets girl high school drama where something might […]