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THE GATE (1987)

THE GATE (1987) Directed by Tibor Takács Glen and his best friend Terry accidentally open up a gateway to a hellish dimension and, with the help of Glen’s sister Al, must do everything they can […]



THE HOUSEMAID (2016) Written and Directed by Derek Nguyen Set in the year 1953 in Vietnam, THE HOUSEMAID is a slow-burning, supernatural, romantic horror-thriller that follows the tale of Linh, a young woman desperately in […]


Thirteen Ghosts

I was in my early teens the first time I saw THIRTEEN GHOSTS. I was tickled pink by its haunted house premise; it made me snicker and shriek, finding that sweet spot between melodrama and suspense. […]


SPENT (2017)

SPENT (2017) Written and Directed by Lisa Mikitarian Horror-comedy SPENT tells the sordid tale of mother-son duo Evelyn and Lonnie Schumacher as they gleefully await the death of miserly patriarch, Herbert. Longing for the goldmine […]



VIKING SIEGE (2017) Directed by Jack Burton A group of disgruntled women set their sights on slaughtering the local monks at the local club house but their plans are scuppered with the arrival of a […]