“Its the British remake of the French Flick lls, but does it make the grade or end up with an F?” I love Ils, that french horror introduced me to a world that left me uncomfortable, where you feel […]


Squeal (2008) by Dj Vivace

[youtube][/youtube] The clue is in the title, yes you will squeal watching this, but you will squeal at how incredibly bad this is. Genetic experiments have gone bad, and a so-called family of pig-men-mutants live […]


Blood River (2009) by Dj Vivace

[youtube][/youtube] Welcome back Adam Mason, the director of the rather clever Broken and the highly impressive Devil’s Chair. With Blood River Mason takes a unique approach to horror that is at times fascinating and for […]


Eden Lake (2008)

[youtube][/youtube] Whenever i think of this film, I get a chill. I feel pretty damn horrible at its harshness, but I just can’t help but be amazed at first time director James Watkins’ realistic vision […]



[youtube][/youtube] As he investigates shared human memory and still shaken by the loss of his father to cancer a year previously,  Dr Eddie Jessup becomes obssessed with finding the meaning of life and undergoes increasingly […]