True Grit (2010)

True Grit (2010) Ethan and Joel Coen have remade the John Wayne classic, this time a young actress named Hailee Steinfield takes the lead female, Mattie Ross, a 14yr old girl who’s father was shot […]



“Its the British remake of the French Flick lls, but does it make the grade or end up with an F?” I love Ils, that french horror introduced me to a world that left me uncomfortable, where you feel […]


Dog Pound (2010) by Dj Vivace

[youtube][/youtube] The director of the superb French horror Sheitan returns with what seems very much like a remake of the British classic Scum. Here Kim Chapiron has created a prison movie which deserves its place […]


Jonah Hex (2010) by Dj Vivace

[youtube][/youtube] So, is this so-called shambles of a film truly as bad as all the reviews would have you believe? I’d like to answer that question like this, if director Jimmy Hayward cannot be bothered […]


The Town

The Town (2010) Charlestown, Boston is a breeding ground for criminals. This little neighbourhood churns out more thieves than you can shake a stick at. This is the way Charlestown rolls. If you’re born and […]



Kevin Flynn is the CEO of Encom and the world’s best video game developer.  One night he simply vanishes without a trace and leaves his company in chaos and his young son. Fast-forward twenty years, […]