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The Wake (2017)

THE WAKE (2017) Directed by Faouzi Brahimi and Bryan Brewer To some extent, almost all horror films are about death in one way or another. Whether it’s the fear of it, its gradual inevitability or […]



BONEJANGLES (2016) UK Release date – TBC 2017 Masked serial killer Edgar Friendly Jr. … AKA Bonejangles is on the loose in this juvenile horror comedy from Brett DeJager. Not content with creating an unstoppable […]



MY LITTLE SISTER (2016) Directed by Maurizio del Piccolo and Roberto del Piccolo Sheila and her boyfriend Tom are hiking through the woods, on their way to meet their friends, when they bump into axe-wielding […]

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FOX TRAP (2016)

Festival Screenings – 30th October 2016 General UK Release Date – 11th July 2017 AKA – Beauty Queen Massacre I guess it was inevitable that the post Scream slasher era of the 1990s would be […]

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CAROUSHELL (2016) Directed by Steve Radzinski Having had enough of snotty kids abusing him at the local fairground, carousel unicorn Duke decides to seek out revenge against the last little brat to ride him with […]