RYDE (2016)

RYDE (2016) Directed by Brian Frank Visciglia An EMT with a passion for murder decides to pose as a Ryde taxi driver, spying it as the perfect cover role to find fresh meat to slaughter […]


A DARK SONG (2016)

A DARK SONG (2016) Written and Directed by Liam Gavin Grieving for her dead child, lost soul Sophia will do just about anything to speak to her son again. Finding the perfect house in the […]


THE 7 (2006)

THE 7 (2006) aka Oakley Seven Directed by Adam Schlachter Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video Seven students from Oakley High embark upon a science field trip with their teacher Mr Whitney to collect samples […]

HCF Reviews


Available now on Amazon Video There are a lot of immediate images that a title like this might conjure up for potential views. After all, it sounds like a videogame or a robot that turns […]